What happened to Ronnie Milsap son?

What happened to Ronnie Milsap son?

Milsap’s son, Ronald Todd Milsap, was found dead on February 23, 2019, on his houseboat.

Is Ronnie milsaps wife blind?

Joycie has been with me through all of this. She’s seen me through.” Milsap and Joyce met at a dinner party in the early 1960s — which Milsap, who is blind, calls “love at first sound.” Joyce was also responsible for encouraging her husband throughout his career.

Is Ronnie Milsap still married to Joyce Reeves?

“Joyce and Ronnie Milsap have had a renowned and well known romance through 54 years of marriage She passed on to Glory this morning love and prayers to our brother,” read the quartet’s social media post.

Who is Ronnie Milsap’s wife?

Joyce Milsapm. 1965
Ronnie Milsap/Wife

Joyce Reeves Milsap, the wife of country star Ronnie Milsap, died Tuesday at age 81. No cause of death was immediately given.

Did Ronnie Milsap and his wife have any children?

Reeves and Milsap shared that love with their only son, Ronald Todd. Todd, who precedes his mother in death, died at the age of 49. She was also a grandmother to Kye, Asher, Mya and Wyler. “There are no words, and not enough songs in the world to explain how much I love my Sapphire,” says the country icon.

Is Parker Milsap related to Ronnie Milsap?

No, he’s no relation to Ronnie Milsap, but they share a last name – albeit spelled differently. Parker Millsap is a 26-year-old Purcell, Oklahoma native. Parker already has four albums under his belt.

How many grandkids does Ronnie Milsap have?

Through it all, Ronnie has had his wife, Joyce, at his side. Their 42-year marriage produced one son, Todd, who has blessed them with three grandchildren who have become the loves of their lives.

How old is Barbara Mandrell?

72 years (December 25, 1948)
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Is Eddie Rabbitt still alive?

Deceased (1941–1998)
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What caused Ronnie Milsaps blindness?

Milsap’s blindness is a result of congenital glaucoma, a condition that rendered him sightless at birth. The performer has candidly admitted that had he not been blind, he might never have become a musician at all.

Does Ronnie Milsap have children?

Todd Milsap

What race is Ronnie Milsap?

He is of African American ethnicity and has an American nationality. His mother’s name is Bettye Millsap and father’s name is unknown. He has one elder brother John and two younger brothers, Elijah and Abraham.

Is Ronnie Milsap still living?

Ronnie Milsap was born on January 16, 1943 and is 76 years old now. Ronnie Milsap Death Fact Check. Ronnie is alive and kicking and is currently 76 years old.