What happened to Dave McNally?

What happened to Dave McNally?

After the 1975 season, he added his name to a grievance filed against the reserve clause, which resulted in the historic Seitz decision that created free agency in baseball. McNally returned to his hometown Billings and worked as a car dealer until his death from cancer in 2002.

Is Dave McNally in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

McNally received many honors in his retirement years. He was named to the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame in 1978, only the third inductee—following Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson. In 1999 he was named Montana’s athlete of the century by Sports Illustrated.

Who called the 1983 World Series?

“The I-95 Series”, like the World Series two years later, also took its nickname from the interstate that the teams and fans traveled on, Interstate 95 in this case. This was the last World Series that Bowie Kuhn presided over as commissioner….

1983 World Series
MVP Rick Dempsey (Baltimore)

How old was Pat Dobson when he died?

In 2006 Dobson died from leukemia in San Diego at the age of 64, a day after being diagnosed with the disease. ^ “Pat Dobson Minor Leagues Statistics & History – Baseball-Reference.com”.

When was Pat Dobson traded to San Diego?

Unable to claim a spot in the Tigers’ rotation of Mickey Lolich, Denny McLain, Earl Wilson, and Joe Sparma, Dobson was traded to San Diego in 1969 along with Dave Campbell for a young Joe Niekro.

When did Pat Dobson throw a no hitter?

On November 2, 1971, Dobson threw a 2–0 no-hitter against the Yomiuri Giants in Tokyo. It was the first no-hit game in the Japanese-American baseball exhibition history. Dobson was an All-Star in 1972.

When did Pat Dobson get released from the Indians?

The 1977 season proved to be his last, as Dobson compiled a 3–12, 6.16 record. He was released by the Indians during spring training of 1978. 1⁄3 innings pitched in 414 games. After his playing days, Dobson became a respected pitching coach with the Brewers, Padres, Royals, and Orioles.