What happened in chapter 4 of Hatchet?

What happened in chapter 4 of Hatchet?

Chapter 4 of Hatchet Brian is so troubled by his parents’ divorce that as he comes back to consciousness after crashing the plane, he thinks about the Secret. Brian has been holding this secret inside. He believes it’s the reason that his parents divorced.

What is the first food that Brian finds in the woods?

The first food he locates consists of some bright red berries, which he eats despite their bitter taste. Later in the book, a raspberry patch helps alleviate some hunger but puts him face to face with a bear. The next nourishment he finds is turtle eggs, which he eats raw.

What happens in the first chapter of Hatchet?

Chapter 1. Thirteen-year old Brian Robeson, the sole passenger on a small plane from Hampton, New York to the north woods of Canada, boards the aircraft excited at the notion of flying in a single-engine plane. After the novelty of the experience passes, Brian returns to his thoughts of his parents’ recent divorce.

Who dies in Hatchet book?

Plot. Brian Robeson is a thirteen-year-old son of divorced parents. As he travels from Hampton, New York on a single-engine Cessna bush plane to visit his father in the oil fields in Northern Canada for the summer, the pilot suffers a massive heart attack and dies.

What was Brian Like at the beginning of hatchet?

thoughtful, perceptive, and flexible. Brian starts his time in the woods as miserable as anyone would be, stranded alone and hungry. But he quickly begins to adjust, figuring out the rhythm of forest life and trying to keep a positive attitude. In the forest, he learns, there is no use or room for self-pity.

What is the secret in the book Hatchet?

Knowledge of the Secret torments Brian throughout the entire novel, but particularly at the beginning. Chapter 4 is the first time readers learn what this secret actually is: that Brian witnessed his mother cheating on his father while they were still married, kissing an unknown man in a car in the mall parking lot.

What is the theme of Chapter 4 of Hatchet?

Hatchet Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Hatchet, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Brian is lost in the memory of the Secret: he is riding bikes with his friend Terry back home, when he sees his mother sitting in a station wagon.

What happens in Chapter 14 of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

In Chapter 14 of ‘Hatchet’ by Gary Paulsen, Brian learns an important lesson after an encounter with a smelly animal. He also gets to work and prepares for his future.

What did Brian learn from the Skunk in Hatchet?

The skunk eats the rest of Brian’s eggs. Brian learns an important lesson from this: ”Nothing in nature was lazy. He had tried to take a shortcut and paid for it with his turtle eggs” Food is the most important thing in nature, Brian concludes, and work for that food is what drives nature.