What fruit or veg starts with H?

What fruit or veg starts with H?

For example, there are a lot of vegetables that start with this letter including the heart of palm, horseradish, hakurei turnips, and more….Here are your results – Vegetables that start with H.

Hamburg Parsley Horse Gram Haricot Beans
Heart Of Palm Horseradish Heirloom Tomatoes
Hijiki Habanero Pepper Haricots

What is a fruit that starts with the letter E?

Check your answers below

A Acai berry Apple Apricot Avocado
D Damson Date Dragonfruit Durian
E Elderberry
F Fig
G Gooseberry Grape Grapefruit Guava

What starts with h in a grocery store?


  • H Mart.
  • H-E-B.
  • Haggen.
  • Hannaford Brothers Company.
  • Harmons.
  • Harps Food Stores.
  • Harris Teeter.
  • Harveys Supermarkets.

What are some vegetables that begin with the letter H?

Vegetables That Start With H: So far, we found 4 vegetables of letter H. 1 – Hamburg Parsley: Hamburg parsley comes with smooth leaves and an edible elongated taproot that resembles parsnip. Its scientific name is Petroselinum crispum. 2 – Hijiki: Hijiki is a wild sea vegetable that is grown around Japan and Korea.

What is name of fruits begin with the letter H?

Honeydew fruit is a fruit that belongs to the melon family. It is also known as honeymelon. Honeysuckle is another fruit that starts with H. It is a berry that contains seeds and changes in color from red to blue to black. Horned melon is a fruit or a vine in the melon and cucumber family.

What trees start with the letter H?

Trees that start with H Haematoxylon: small genus of tropical American spiny bushy shrubs or trees. – The trunk of the haematoxylon tree looks like entwined roots. Halesia: deciduous small trees or shrubs of China and eastern North America. – The halesia tree is considered an ornamental tree.

What are fruits and vegetables start with H?

Some fruits and vegetablesthatbeginwiththe letterH are: habernao pepper; hackberry; hairy gourd; Haricot bean; hazelnut; Herbs; honeydew melon; Horse gram bean. List of vegetablesthatstart withA..