What fish did Chumash eat?

What fish did Chumash eat?

The most important food for the Chumash was the acorn, which they gathered from the live oak trees. Those who lived along the coast also depended on sea food. They ate many ocean fish (shark, sea bass, halibut, bonito) as well as mussels, barnacles, and clams. Abalone was a main food on the islands.

How Chumash get their food?

California has many species of native oak trees and the Chumash once relied on acorns as one of their staple foods. Acorns were collected in the fall, dried in the sun, and stored in large basket granaries for future use. In some areas acorns were ground in bedrock mortars.

What kind of fish did the Chumash Tribe eat?

These great fishers used nets and harpoons to capture sharks and even whales in their dugout canoes. Smaller fish such as sea bass, trout, shellfish and halibut were primary food sources. The inland Chumash hunted deer (venison), elk, fowl, and small game such as rabbits and quail.

What was the environment like for the Chumash people?

Chumash environment before European contact (A.D. 1400) The interior is composed of the land outside the coast and spanning the wide plains, rivers, and mountains. The coast covers the cliffs and land close to the ocean and, in reference to resources, the areas of the ocean from which the Chumash harvested.

What kind of clothing did the Chumash Indians wear?

In the winter months warm clothing was needed made from the hides of animals such as deer (buckskin), elk, squirrel, rabbit, black bear and wildcats. The Chumash garments included fur robes, kilts or aprons, and leggings.

What kind of Medicine did the Chumash Indians use?

Herbs used in traditional Chumash medicine include thick-leaved yerba santa, used to keep airways open for proper breathing; laurel sumac, the root bark of which was used to make a herbal tea for treating dysentery; and black sage, the leaves and stems were made into a strong sun tea.