What element is the most abundant in the Sun next most abundant?

What element is the most abundant in the Sun next most abundant?

About 67 chemical elements have been detected in the sun. I’m sure you’re not surprised that hydrogen is the most abundant element, accounting for over 90% of the atoms and over 70% of solar mass. The next most abundant element is helium, which accounts for almost just under 9% of the atoms and about 27% of the mass.

What is the main element in the Sun?

Despite the controversy, everyone agrees on the basics: The sun consists mainly of hydrogen and helium, the two lightest elements. It generates energy at its center through nuclear reactions that convert hydrogen into helium.

What is the second most abundant element in the Sun?

Helium, the second-most abundant element in the Sun, is so rare on Earth that it was first discovered on the Sun. Altogether, 92.1 percent of the number of atoms in the Sun are hydrogen atoms, 7.8 percent by number are helium atoms, and all other heavier elements make up only 0.1 percent.

What is the most abundant element in the Sun and what element is it being fused into?

The most common element in Sun just is Hydrogen about 72. The fusion reaction on our Sun manufactures from hydrogen other elements. The 2nd most abundant element is Helium, it makes 26 percent helium of the elements. Other elements include: oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and silicon.

What three elements make up the Sun?

The predominant element in the Sun is hydrogen, and then helium: by mass, it is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and 0.5% all other elements (iron, nickel and a few lighter elements).

Is the Sun a ball of fire?

The Sun does not “burn”, like we think of logs in a fire or paper burning. The Sun glows because it is a very big ball of gas, and a process called nuclear fusion is taking place in its core. People, including scientists, sometimes say that the Sun “burns hydrogen” to make it glow.

What elements make up the Sun and in what percentage?

The sun is mostly composed of the elements hydrogen (H) and helium (He). By mass the composition of the sun is 92.1% hydrogen and 7.9% helium. Various metals make up less than 0.1% of the mass of the sun.

What element on the Sun is most plentiful?

Answer: Most abundant element in the Sun is Hydrogen. Explanation: Sun is the only star in our Solar system. The element which is present in abundance in Sun is hydrogen element. Hydrogen element undergoes fusion process which leads to the formation of helium atom.

Which element makes up most of the Sun?

The sun is made up of two main elements, hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen makes up about 92% of all of the atoms in the sun while helium makes up about 7.8%. Oxygen, carbon, neon and nitrogen make up most of the remaining 0.2%.

Which is the heaviest element in the Sun?

Most of the heavier metals we see in the Sun were formed in other stars at the end of their lives. The heaviest elements, like gold and uranium , were formed when stars many times more massive that our Sun detonated in supernova explosions.

What is the second most abundant gas on the Sun?

The second most abundant gas is oxygen . Both of these gases occur as diatomic molecules. The amount of water vapor is highly variable. In hot, humid locations, it is the third most abundant gas. This makes it the most common greenhouse gas.