What does the root admit mean?

What does the root admit mean?

admit (v.) late 14c., “let in,” from Latin admittere “admit, give entrance, allow to enter; grant an audience,” of acts, “let be done, allow, permit,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + mittere “let go, send” (see mission). Sense of “to concede in argument as valid or true” is first recorded early 15c.

What does the root in transcript mean?

The Latin root word scrib and its variant script both mean “write.” These roots are the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including scribe, describe, postscript, and manuscript.

What does the root in Repulse mean?

repulse (v.) early 15c., repulsen, “hold (something) back; drive (someone) away,” from Latin repulsus, past participle of repellere “drive back, reject” (see repel). of repulsus, past participle of repellere “to drive back” (see repel).

What is admit short for?


Acronym Definition
ADMIT Arterial Disease Multiple Intervention Trial (study)
ADMIT Aerosol Drug Management Improvement Team (asthma inhalers)
ADMIT Association of Developers of Managers in Information Technology (Pegasus software; UK)
ADMIT Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology (training school; Clarksville, MD)

What means to admit defeat?

: to admit that one has been defeated Although she did poorly in the first round, she has refused to admit defeat.

Which root word is Greek and means far off?

Root Words-Tele (far off)

What does it mean to be repulsed by someone?

English Language Learners Definition of repulse : to force (someone) to stop attacking you : repel. : to cause dislike or disgust in (someone) : to reject (someone or something) in a rude or unfriendly way.

How do you use repulse in a sentence?

Repulse in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because of his rude behavior that would repulse many people, he was without close friends.
  2. His gross eating habits would repulse anyone sharing a meal with him.
  3. Since she enjoyed cleaning, the piles of garbage were sure to repulse the housekeeper.

What is the literal definition of admit?

1 : to give entrance or access. 2a : allow, permit admits of two interpretations. b : to make acknowledgment —used with to admitted to having doubts.

What do you call a person who Cannot accept defeat?

Obstinate or stubborn come to mind.

What is the transitive meaning of the word admit?

transitive verb. 1a : to allow scope for : permit admits no possibility of misunderstanding. b : to concede as true or valid admitted making a mistake. 2a : to allow entry (as to a place, fellowship, or privilege) an open window had admitted rain admitted to the club.

What is the meaning of the word admitted?

To grant to be real, valid, or true; acknowledge or concede: Even proponents of the technology admit that it doesn’t always work as well as it should.

What does it mean to admit someone into a hospital?

To accept (someone) as an inpatient in a hospital. To accept into evidence as relevant and otherwise admissible: The judge admitted the testimony of the expert. To afford possibility: a problem that admits of no solution. To allow entrance; afford access: a door admitting to the hall. To make acknowledgment;

Which is the correct definition of the word allow?

4. to permit; allow. 5. to allow or concede as valid: to admit the force of an argument. 6. to acknowledge; confess: He admitted his guilt. 7. to have capacity for: The passage admits two abreast.