What does pp mean on a California license plate?

What does pp mean on a California license plate?

Press Photographer
Press Photo- grapher License Plate Press Photographer License Plates are designed with the letters “PP” inside a triangle placed to the left of a four-position numeric configuration on a white background. Previously issued DMV Photographer License Plates include a blue background and a black background.

What does pp mean in a triangle?

according to : Wiki Answers. The letters PP in a triangle on the left of the plate? It stands for “Press Photographer” They are fairly rare. You need to show press credentials at the DMV to receive them, and pay extra each year.

What symbols are allowed on California license plates?

You may choose a hand, heart, star, or plus sign for the sequential plate. Personalized KIDS plates can have 2-6 characters (numbers/letters) in addition to the choice of a symbol (hand, heart, star or plus sign). On autos, the symbol may be placed anywhere within the configuration.

Does California use the letter O on license plates?

As you know, regular non-commercial California license plates consist of a number followed by three letters and three numbers. The letters O and Q are also taboo on standard-issue plates, because of their resemblance to the digit 0 .

What does it mean when a license plate says CA exempt?

Public agencies – like cities, counties and the state – carry exempt plates, meaning the vehicles don’t require registration fees. Caltrans personnel have no special privileges in car-pool lanes (although some of its vehicles do have the hybrid stickers).

Is it legal to have a black and white license plate in California?

You can order many different California license plate styles. Some even reproduce the original colors of other eras. But you can’t paint the plate yourself and you can’t order your own preferred color.

How much is a vanity plate in California?

Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in California is $49 in addition to any other regular renewal and registration fees.

What does WC mean on a license plate?

Along with “OK,” “hello” and “bye-bye,” the abbreviation for the Victorian “Water Closet,” or toilet, has became one of the most well-known English expressions in China.

How do I know if its a zero or an O?

A zero (0) is a number which represents “nothing”. An “O” is the capitalised 15th letter of the modern English alphabet. They do look similar, especially in writing.

How can you tell if a license plate is 0 or O in California?

Generally, the letter O should be wider, more like an oval or egg-shape. The number 0 has flat sides, like a racetrack. There are licence plate fonts where the two characters are identical.

What does the C stand for on California license plates?

The presence of a small “A”, “B”, or “C” indicates additional vehicles owned by a United States Senator. These plates are issued for power units under apportioned registration, base plated in California. These plates are issued for interstate fleet vehicles to display apportioned stickers. Size and format are standard.

What are the different types of license plates in California?

1 Standard license plates. 2 Special interest license plates (arts, kids, environment, etc.). 3 Special license plates (recognition, historical, occupational, legislative, etc.). 4 Decals and placards (bicycles, disabled person parking, etc.).

Why do you need a license plate in California?

License plates verify that your vehicle is registered, identify the type of registration you have, and help connect vehicles to their owners. California has required license plates since 1905. Here’s what you need to know about our requirements and types of plates. You need to renew your vehicle registration every year in California.

How to get a special recognition license plate?

To order, complete a Special Recognition License Plate Application (REG 17A) and mail it to the address on the form. This special plate is issued (upon request) for motorcycles manufactured in 1942 or before. To order, complete a Special Recognition License Plate Application (REG 17A) and submit it to a DMV office.