What does Mr Pirzada help Lilia with on Halloween?

What does Mr Pirzada help Lilia with on Halloween?

Lilia’s mother buys a pumpkin at the supermarket, and the family, together with Mr. Pirzada, carves a jack-o’-lantern. Pirzada’s knife slips, and the result is a strange gash in the pumpkin. On Halloween, Lilia goes trick-or-treating with her fiend Dora.

What happens in the news while Lilia and Mr Pirzada are carving pumpkins what happens to Mr Pirzada’s pumpkin after this news breaks?

However, Dacca and war was mentioned while he was carving, causing Mr. Pirzada’s hand to slip and make a gash in the pumpkin. Lilia’s dad fixed it, and when Lilia returned from trick or treating at night she found the pumpkin smashed into pieces in her frontyard.

How does Mr Pirzada react to the idea of Lilia going out trick or treating What does Lilia mean when she tries to explain it to her friend by saying his daughters are missing?

Mr. Pirzada is feeling protective of Lilia because he is not able to protect his own daughters. -Lilia feels like she shouldn’t have said, “Don’t worry,” to Mr. Pirzada because she should not be saying that to him; however, she wants to go out and trick or treat.

Why do people carve pumpkins when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

Halloween Pumpkin It also represents the time difference that can be interpreted as the contrast between Lilia’s family and Mr. Pirzada’s family in Pakistan; their situations and the different cultures they each live in.

What conflicts does Mr Pirzada experience in the story?

Halloween is a traditional American culture with which Mr. Pirzada was not accustom to. He comes into conflict with trying to understand why India and Pakistan are unable to assimilate with eachother’s cultures as he is to the American culture.

What is the main theme of when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

When Mr Pirzada Came to Dine by Jhumpa Lahiri is a short story that revolves around the theme of assimilation of Indians into America, their issues in adopting Western Culture and the difference of love and affinity for motherland between the first generation migrants and the second generation migrants.

Why does Lilia throw away the candy?

Pirzada—by throwing away her candy after she learns that he’s rejoined his family in Pakistan. Her candy was her connection to Mr. Pirzada, and now it’s just a painful reminder of his absence.

What are 2 objects associated with Mr Pirzada and what do they symbolize?

The three objects were candy, pocket watch and the pumpkin. Explanation: The candy itself represents hope and a connection between Mr. Pirzada, his daughters.

What is the theme of the story when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

What is the theme of when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

Why is Mr Pirzada in the United States when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

Why was Pirzada in the United States? He was in the united states because he had been offered grant from the pakistani government to study the foliage (plants and trees) of New England.

What is the main conflict in when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

The conflict of Lahiri’s “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine” is Mr. Pirzada’s displacement from his home and family due to the Pakistani civil…

What was life like for mr.pirzada’s family?

Lilia marvels that Mr. Pirzada’s family was already waking up the next morning. Theirs was the ghost life, lagging behind where Mr. Pirzada really belonged. Lilia pays attention to the news broadcast, wondering if they would catch a glimpse of Mr. Pirzada’s daughters waving from their balcony.

What was the difference between Mr Pirzada and Lilia?

Describing, that since Lilia and her family were Indian, and Mr. Pirzada was from East Pakistan, there was a sense of divide and gap between core values and where each of their nationalism resides. However, on the other hand, using the same example Lahiri suggests that communities built and supported through connections and family, result in unity.

How does Mr Pirzada speak the same language as his parents?

Mr. Pirzada speaks the same language as her parents, they tell the same jokes and eat the same food. Lilia’s father complains to her mother that their daughter is unaware of the current events of India and Pakistan. Lilia’s mother is proud that their daughter was born in the United States and that she is an American.

How did Mr Pirzada get a gash in his pumpkin?

Mr. Pirzada’s knife slips, leaving a deep gash in the pumpkin. The mouth is fixed so that it appears that the jack-o’-lantern is frozen in astonishment. Lilia dresses as a witch for Halloween with her friend Dora. It is the first year she is allowed to trick-or-treat unattended.