What does development expenditure include?

What does development expenditure include?

(i) Developmental expenditure. It refers to expenditure on activities which are directly related to economic and social development of the country. For instance, expenditure on police, judiciary, defence, general administration, interest payment, tax collection, subsidies on food, etc.

What are development expenditures examples?

Answer: Development expenditure: It is that expenditure which is incurred on economic and social development of the country. Example: expenditure on education, health, employment, industry etc.

What is development expenditure and non development expenditure?

Non-developmental expenditure The expenditure which results in the generation of employment, increase in production, price stability, etc. is known as a developmental expenditure. The expenditure which does not yield any direct productive impact on the country is called non-developmental expenditure.

Is capital expenditure same as development expenditure?

Capital spending is associated with investment or development spending, where expenditure has benefits extending years into the future. Capital expenditure includes money spent on the following: Acquiring fixed and intangible assets. Upgrading an existing asset.

What is development expenditure in accounting?

As a basic rule, expenditure on development costs should be written off to the profit and loss account as incurred, as with the expenditure on research. expenditure is separately identifiable. the project is commercially viable. the project is technically feasible. project income is expected to outweigh cost.

Which one of the following is a development expenditure?


Which is not a developmental expenditure?

Expenditure on economic service, expenditure on social and communist services, grant to states are examples of developmental expenditures. Among the given options, defense expenditure is not an example of developmental expenditure.

What is a development budget?

The development budget identifies all costs which will be incurred in developing the housing, and all sources of funds to pay for them. These are one time costs incurred between the time a project is conceptualized and the time it is fully occupied. Model budgets are included in these materials.

Where is R&D in financial statements?

Definition: Research and development (R&D) costs are the costs you incur for activities intended to develop or improve a product or service. They are listed on the income statement under Operating Expenses and can be expensed or capitalized.

Is R&D an expense?

R&D expenses are a line item from many companies’ income statements. R&D expense (short for research and development expense) is essentially the amount of money that a company spends to develop new products and services each year.

Which of the following is not a developmental expenditure?

Which is the best definition of developmental expenditure?

(i) Developmental Expenditure. Developmental expenditure refers to the expenditure of the government which helps in economic development by increasing production and real income of the country. Some people call it productive expenditure because it helps in increasing production and productivity of the economy.

What is an income and expenditure budget for a project?

What is it? An income and expenditure budget for a project (or a program, or a whole organization), will show: the anticipated costs (expenditure), and funding (income) to cover those costs, for a specified period of time. You are probably already familiar with this type of budget as it is widely used in project management.

What are the five steps of budget development?

1. AblAssemble a bd budget team 2. Create a budget calendar 3. Prepare for budget process 4. Build the budget 5. Monitor the budget 3 Chi fChief Executive Officer (CEO)

What is the meaning of ” revenue expenditure “?

Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken in one fiscal year from occurance of expenditure is called ‘Revenue Expenditure” Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken for morethan once year is called ‘Capital Expenditure’ What is irregular expenditure? what is irregular expenditure Where to hyphenate expenditure?