What does bib mean in texting?

What does bib mean in texting?

Bit in Bold
BIB. Bit in Bold (Internet slang) BIB.

What is the word bib short for?

bib., an abbreviation of bibliography.

What does baby bib mean?

A bib is a small piece of fabric that’s tied under a baby’s chin to keep food or milk from staining her clothes. A baby’s bib is just one type — there is also the bib that makes up the top part of overalls or an apron, the section that covers the chest.

What is bib medical?

blood glucose awareness training (to help patients with diabetic hypoglycemia) BGL. blood glucose level. BIB. brought in by.

What is a race bib?

Each individual runner is assigned a bib number when they register for a race or pick up their event packet. This number is printed on a flexible yet durable paper specifically designed to hold up against any elements participants may endure during their races such as rain, mud, or wind.

What is a bib in England?

noun [ C ] /bɪb/ uk. /bɪb/ a cover made of cloth or plastic that is worn by young children when eating to protect their clothes.

What does BM stand for after a doctors name?

Abbrev. for Bachelor of Medicine.

Why is it called a bib?

The word, reported in English since 1580, probably stems from the verb bibben “to drink” (c. 1380), from the Latin bibere, either because it was worn while drinking or because it “soaked up” spills.

What does bib stand for in medical?

BIB: Brought In By Common Medical Bowel Gastric And Intestine * BIB: bilio-intestinal bypass * BIB: Baby In Belly Chat * BIB: Back in Black * BIB: Blocked Impurity Band NASA Physics * BIB: drink * BIB: Bigger Is Better * BIB: Bild-In-Bild Chemistry * BIB: Baby’s in Black * BIB: Business In a Box Software * BIB: Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon * BIB: Baby Incendiary Bomb * BIB: Business Internet Banking * BIB

What does bib all all all?

Bag-in-box History. The first commercial BiB system was invented by American chemist William R. Advantages. Producers like BiB packaging because it is inexpensive. Wine cask. The ‘wine cask’ was invented by Thomas Angove (1918-2010) of Angove’s, a winemaker from Renmark, South Australia, and patented by the company on April 20, 1965. Aseptic packaging. See also.

What is the plural of Bib?

bib (plural bibs) An item of clothing for people (especially babies) tied around their neck to protect their clothes from getting dirty when eating.

What does bibbed mean?

bibbed (adj.) BibBib ( ), n. [From Bib, v., because the bib receives the drink that the child slavers from the mouth.] 1. A small piece of cloth worn by children over the breast, to protect the clothes.