What does being trailed mean?

What does being trailed mean?

vb. 1. to drag or stream, or permit to drag or stream along a surface, esp the ground: her skirt trailed; she trailed her skipping rope. 2. to make (a track or path) through (a place): to trail a way; to trail a jungle.

What is the meaning of trailed off?

—used to say that someone’s voice becomes softer and softer and then stops She started asking him a question, but then her voice trailed off.

What is the synonym of trailed?

Frequently Asked Questions About trail Some common synonyms of trail are chase, follow, and pursue. While all these words mean “to go after or on the track of something or someone,” trail may stress a following of tracks or traces rather than a visible object. trail deer. trailed a suspect across the country.

What is trail someone?

: to pull (something) behind you especially on the ground. : to be pulled behind someone or something. : to walk or move slowly as you follow behind (someone or something)

Is trailed a adjective?

TRAILING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is lag behind mean?

(MOVE SLOWLY) to move more slowly than someone or something else so that you are behind them.

What is the meaning of phrasal verb trailed off?

phrasal verb. trail away/off. ​(of somebody’s speech) to become gradually quieter and then stop. His voice trailed away to nothing. + speech ‘I only hope…’, she trailed off.

What is an antonym for trailed?

What is the opposite of trailed?

guided leaded
speeded stopped
tiptoed carried on
left alone let go
ran away run away

What does to trail after mean?

Definition of trail (along) behind/after : to walk or move slowly as one follows behind (someone or something) She marched down the street with her children trailing (along) behind/after (her).