What does bah humbug stand for?

What does bah humbug stand for?

Bah humbug is an exclamation that conveys curmudgeonly displeasure. The phrase is most famously used by Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol (1843).

Is Bah Humbug a bad word?

When referring to a person, a humbug means a fraud or impostor, implying an element of unjustified publicity and spectacle. His famous reference to Christmas, “Bah! Humbug!”, declaring Christmas to be a fraud, is commonly used in stage and screen versions and also appeared frequently in the original book.

Where does the phrase bah humbug come from?

The word is well-known as the catchphrase of miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character in Dickens’$2 1843 novel, “A Christmas Carol.” Scrooge, who thinks Christmas is an enormous deception, retorts, “Bah! Humbug!” to anyone who dares to wish him a merry Christmas.

Why is a humbug called a humbug?

A lot of people believe that mint humbugs are called that after Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens’s Christmas Carol who kept saying “bah humbug”.. Though the origin is not a hundred percent clear, it is believed to be derived from Northern England where humbug meant toffee flavoured with mint.

How do you use bah humbug in a sentence?

‘It was almost a “bah, humbug” moment when a group of Christmas carolers were turned away by police at the station this week. ‘ ‘I hate to come across as bah, humbug, but I don’t find her funny, either. ‘

How do you use humbug in a sentence?

Humbug sentence example

  1. Our friend Oz is merely a humbug wizard, for he once proved it to me.
  2. But I’m not, my piggy-wees; I’m a humbug wizard.
  3. But also because they hate humbug in all its forms.
  4. His view on religion was that organized worship made him feel’such a humbug ‘ .

What is an English humbug?

Humbugs are a traditional hard boiled sweet available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They are usually flavoured with peppermint and striped in two different colours (often black and white).

How do you get a humbug?


  1. + Quarrister and Clamble.
  2. + Quarrister and Thumpies.
  3. + Quarrister and PomPom.
  4. + Quarrister and Reedling.

What does it mean when someone says Bah Humbug?

This little girl looks like she might say “bah humbug!” The definition of bah humbug is an expression used to reject something in a disagreeable way that has been said by someone else, or to express that what was said is not worthy to deal with or is a trick, nonsense or deceitful.

Who is the main character in Bah Humbug?

Humbug!, the catchphrase of the miserly main character Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge’s bah is an exclamation of contempt or annoyance. Since then, bah humbug has come to invoke Scrooge’s (initial) grouchy attitude toward Christmas in other contexts.

Why does Ebenezer Scrooge say bah humbug?

Ebenezer Scrooge says this to people wishing him a Merry Christmas because he believes they are being hypocritical, or trying in some way to deceive him (and others). Originally Answered: What does “Bah humbug” mean?

What does the word Humbug mean in Aboriginal English?

Per Wikipedia: Whereas humbug in broader English (see Charles Dickens’s Scrooge character) means nonsensical, or unimportant information, humbug in Aboriginal English means to pester with inane or repetitive requests.