What direction does the Caroni River flow?

What direction does the Caroni River flow?

It rises near Valencia on the southern edge of the Northern Range uplands and flows roughly west to empty via the saline mangrove channels of the Caroni Swamp into the Gulf of Paria, between Trinidad and Venezuela, a mile or so south of Port of Spain. It drains the area between the Northern and Central ranges.

Where is the Gulf of Paria located from Trinidad?

In the north, the Gulf is connected to the Caribbean Sea through the Dragons’ Mouths (Spanish: Bocas del Dragón) between the Paria Peninsula of Venezuela and the Chaguaramas Peninsula of Trinidad….External links.

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Where is the Caroni River located in Trinidad?

The Caroni River begins in the Northern Range near Valencia and stretches 40 kilometers westward through the northwestern region of Trinidad. The river meanders throughout Caroni county before emptying into the Gulf of Paria, beneath Port of Spain.

What is the most polluted river in Trinidad?

Caroni River Basin
The Caroni River Basin is one of the most polluted river basins in the country, and is subject to pollutants from industrial effluent, sewage and domestic waste, agricultural and urban run-off.

Is Trinidad in the northern or southern hemisphere?

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Trinidad and Tobago As part of the northern hemisphere, the country is located above the equator. Trinidad and Tobago is part of the world’s western hemisphere as well, but just barely. The two major islands of the country are very near to the equator.

What are the gulfs in North America?

North America

  • Belize. Gulf of Honduras.
  • Canada. Bay of Fundy. Bay of Quinte. Bonavista Bay.
  • Costa Rica. Coronado Bay. Gulf of Dulce. Gulf of Nicoya.
  • Cuba. Guantánamo Bay. Gulf of Guacanayabo. Gulf of Mexico.
  • Dominican Republic. Samaná Bay.
  • El Salvador. Gulf of Fonseca.
  • Guatemala. Gulf of Honduras.
  • Honduras. Gulf of Fonseca. Gulf of Honduras.

How many tributaries or other rivers join the Caroni River before it flows into the Caroni Swamp?

Twelve tributaries
Twelve tributaries join the Caroni River from the Northern Range: the San Juan River, the Saint Joseph River, the Tunapuna River, the Tacarigua River, the Arouca River, the Oropuna River, the Mausica River, the Carapo River, the Arima River, the Guanapo River, El Mamo River, and the Aripo River.

Why is Caroni Swamp protected?

The Caroni Swamp is protected under the Ramsar Convention. The Ramsar Convention is the intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources . It is a very productive area of wetland that provides food (organic production) and also provides protection.