What did Travers write?

What did Travers write?

Mary Poppins
Mysterious and prickly, author P.L. Travers created the beloved governess Mary Poppins, further popularized by the Disney film and stage musical of the same name.

Is Saving Mr Banks a real story?

Historical accuracy. Saving Mr. Banks depicts several events that differ from recorded accounts. The premise of the script, that Walt Disney had to convince P.L. Travers to hand over the film rights, including the scene in which he finally persuades her, is fictionalized.

How much did P.L. Travers get for Mary Poppins?

The royalties from her Mary Poppins series had begun to dwindle by the ’60s, and Disney reportedly offered to pay her $100,000 (more than $800,000 by today’s standards), plus five percent of the movie’s multi-million-dollar gross earnings. Disney also agreed to allow Travers (or “Mrs.

Who is author named Travers?

Helen Lyndon Goff
Travers, in full Pamela Lyndon Travers, original name Helen Lyndon Goff, (born August 9, 1899, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia—died April 23, 1996, London, England), Australian English writer known for her Mary Poppins books, about a magical nanny.

Why did PL Travers not like pears?

In the film, P.L. Travers hates pears after a traumatic incident with them during her childhood.

Did PL Travers like Walt Disney?

Travers (Pamela Lyndon Travers) wasn’t a fan of the flick. She did not like the movie’s animated sequences or its glamorization of the title character, stating that it loses the point because Disney turned her into a very pretty girl, according to the Telegraph.

What inspired P.L. Travers to write Mary Poppins?

Aunt Sass
Poppins” written in the flyleaf of one of her favorite books as a child. In Aunt Sass, Travers explains she was subconsciously inspired by her real-life aunt-turned-nanny—and didn’t realize how much she’d drawn from her own experience until later in life. “We write more than we know we are writing.

Why did P.L. Travers not like pears?