What did the Miwok trade with?

What did the Miwok trade with?

The Central Miwok, dwelling in the foothills near Knights Ferry, were in the habit of trading certain seeds for digger pine nuts from people who dwelt somewhat higher in the foothills. Fish taken and dried at Knights Ferry were traded for salt from people still higher in the mountains.

How did the Miwok tribe make money?

The Miwoks were hunter-gatherers. Miwok men hunted deer and small game and caught fish in the rivers and lakes. Miwok women gathered acorns and ground them into meal to make bread and fruits, as well as collecting berries, nuts, and other plants. Here is a website with more information about Native American recipes.

What were the Miwoks beliefs?

Beliefs. The Miwok had an animistic philosophy: they wanted no walls and trod lightly on the land, leaving no footsteps, always apologizing to the spirits in animals or nature whenever they disturbed them in whatever fashion. Their oral history was transmitted through the stories of the elders and shamans.

What was the Miwoks religion?

They believed that everything in this world had a spiritual power. They only took what they needed from the land and were never wasteful. The Bay Miwok believed totally in the power of animal spirits and the spirits of each other. They worshipped animals as ancestors, imitated them in dance, and told myths about them.

Where did the Miwoks come from?

The Miwok (also spelled Miwuk, Mi-Wuk, or Me-Wuk) are members of four linguistically related Native American groups indigenous to what is now Northern California, who traditionally spoke one of the Miwok languages in the Utian family. The word Miwok means people in the Miwok language.

What did the Miwok Indians trade with each other?

The Miwok Indians traded various goods. Depending on where a Miwok tribe lived, they might have resources that another tribe needed. For instance The tribes in the mountains had a lot of wood to make bows and arrows. The tribes on the coast had fish, shells and salt.

What kind of games did the Miwok people play?

Miwok people played gender mixed games on a 110-yard playing field called poscoi a we’a. A unique game was played with young men and women. Similarly to soccer, the object was to put an elk hide ball through the goalpost.

Are there any Miwok Indian tribes in California?

The United States Bureau of Indian Affairs officially recognizes eleven tribes of Miwok descent in California. They are as follows: This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

How many ethnic subgroups did the Miwok have?

Anthropologists commonly divide the Miwok into four geographically and culturally diverse ethnic subgroups. These distinctions were not used among the Miwok before European contact.