What did Germany want at the Paris Peace Conference?

What did Germany want at the Paris Peace Conference?

Despite these disagreements, both Wilson and Lloyd George wanted a peace treaty that would punish Germany, but would not cripple it. Lloyd George wanted Germany to recover its economic strength. This would enable Germany to pay its reparations to Britain.

What was the main purpose of the Paris Peace Conference?

The German Army and Navy were limited in size. Kaiser Wilhelm II and a number of other high-ranking German officials were to be tried as war criminals.

What was the purpose of the Paris Peace Conference quizlet?

What was the overall PURPOSE of the Paris Peace Conference? To develop a peace treaty between the Allies and the Central Powers that would officially bring an end to the war.

What did the French want from the Treaty?

France’s main objective was to gain as much security as it could from the treaty, the tried to achieve this by weakening Germany as much as possible, draining its financial resources and its arms resources. Georges Clemenceau also thought that dividing Germany into different territories would prevent another war.

Who was involved in the Paris Peace Conference?

The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles In 1919, the Big Four met in Paris to negotiate the Treaty: Lloyd George of Britain, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy, Georges Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson of the U.S.

Where was the Paris Peace Conference held in 1919?

The Paris Peace Conference convened in January 1919 at Versailles just outside Paris . The conference was called to establish the terms of the peace after World War I.

What did Australia and New Zealand want at the Paris Peace Conference?

Australia wanted New Guinea, New Zealand wanted Samoa, and South Africa wanted South West Africa. Wilson wanted the League to administer all German colonies until they were ready for independence. Lloyd George realized he needed to support his dominions and so he proposed a compromise: there be three types of mandates.

Why was Russia not invited to the Versailles Peace Conference?

Treaty negotiations were also weakened by the absence of other important nations. Russia had fought as one of the Allies until December 1917, when its new Bolshevik Government withdrew from the war. The Allied Powers refused to recognize the new Bolshevik Government and thus did not invite its representatives to the Peace Conference.