What did Confederate General Robert E Lee do for the first time?

What did Confederate General Robert E Lee do for the first time?

During the first year of the Civil War, he served in minor combat operations and as a senior military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Lee took command of the Army of Northern Virginia in June 1862 during the Peninsula Campaign following the wounding of Joseph E. Johnston.

What was Robert E Lee’s greatest impact?

Robert E. Lee is well known as a Confederate military general, but perhaps his greatest contribution to the United States was his effort to reunite the country following the American Civil War. In the opinions of his contemporaries and historians, Lee played a crucial role in restoring peace following the war.

Why did Robert E Lee think it was necessary to resign from the US army at the start of the war?

Because of his reputation as one of the finest officers in the United States Army, Abraham Lincoln offered Lee the command of the Federal forces in April 1861. Lee declined and tendered his resignation from the army when the state of Virginia seceded on April 17, arguing that he could not fight against his own people.

Why did Robert E. Lee fight the Confederacy?

Although he felt slavery in the abstract was a bad thing, he blamed the national conflict on abolitionists, and accepted the pro-slavery policies of the Confederacy. He chose to fight to defend his homeland.

What role did Robert E . Lee play in the Civil War?

Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia from 1862 to the end of the Civil War. In this role, he was arguably the most significant general of the Civil War.

What did Robert E . Lee do in the American Civil War?

Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee (1807-70) served as a military officer in the U.S. Army, a West Point commandant and the legendary general of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War (1861-65). In June 1862, Lee assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia , which he would lead for the rest of the war.

Why was Robert E . Lee important?

Lee was well-regarded by his peers because of his actions on and off the field of battle . He was an excellent military leader, as shown by his tactical brilliance in the Seven Days Battles and the Battle of Chancellorsville. He was an honorable West Point cadet that graduated near the top of his class. He rebuilt Washington and Lee after the war.

What influenced Robert E . Lee?

Robert E. Lees impact on America and even throughout the world influenced people to aspire to be great leaders in military and out, and his attitude towards problems inspires people today. He faced difficult challenges but his determined and stubborn qualities caused him to be able to lead men into battle and fight.