What country does the Yenisei River End in?

What country does the Yenisei River End in?

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Yenisei River
The Yenisei basin, including Lake Baikal
Origin Mongolia
Mouth Arctic Ocean
Basin countries Russia

In which continent is the Yenisei River?

Yenisei River/Continent
The drainage of the Yenisei River occupies the middle part of the Asian continent. It extends from north to south for 3200 km and from west to east for 100 to 1200 km.

Where is the Yenisei River?

central Russia
Yenisey River, also spelled Yenisei or Enisei, Evenk Ioanesi (“Great River”), river of central Russia, one of the longest rivers in Asia. The world’s sixth largest river in terms of discharge, the Yenisey runs from south to north across the great expanse of central Siberia.

Which countries does the Yenisei River flow through?

The Yenisei River flows through two countries: Mongolia and Russia. The source of the river is Mungaragiyn-Gol, which is located at the ridge of Dod-Taygasyn-Noor, Mongolia, and has an elevation of about 10,994 feet.

Where does the Yenisei River start?

Yenisei River/Sources

The river begins at the city of Kyzyl in the republic of Tyva (Tuva), Russia, at the confluence of its headstreams—the Great (Bolshoy) Yenisey, or By-Khem, which rises on the Eastern Sayan Mountains of Tyva, and the Little (Maly) Yenisey, or Ka-Khem, which rises in the Darhadïn Bowl of Mongolia.

Where does the Yenisey River drain in Siberia?

The Yenisey divides the Western Siberian Plain in the west from the Central Siberian Plateau to the east; it drains a large part of central Siberia . It is the central one of three large Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean (the other two being the Ob and the Lena ).

Where does the Yenisei river discharge into the Arctic Ocean?

The Yenisei is a member of a triumvirate of massive Siberian rivers that discharge into the Arctic Ocean. The Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant in a canyon of Siberia’s mighty River Yenisei.

Where is the bridge over the Yenisey River?

The bridge over the Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, viewed from the left bank. The Yenisey (left) and the Ob flow into Kara Sea (south at top in this view). ^ Прокофьев, Александр Андреевич (30 August 1990).

How many tributaries of the Yenisey River are there?

The system within Siberia’s boundaries comprises some 20,000 tributary or subtributary streams, with an aggregate length of approximately 550,000 miles (885,000 km). All of the major tributaries of the Yenisey flow from the Central Siberian Plateau to its east, a region constituting 80 percent of the basin area.