What can I say to a girl to make her smile?

What can I say to a girl to make her smile?

Romantic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

  • The sound of your laugh is music to my ears.
  • I can’t wait to make more memories with you.
  • You make me so happy just by being yourself.
  • Thank you for loving me.
  • I want to grow old with you.
  • Being with you feels so right.
  • Your intelligence astounds me.

How do you make a girl smile over text?

How to Make a Girl Happy over Text

  1. 1 Lead in with something that will make her curious.
  2. 2 Ask her for a recommendation.
  3. 3 Give her a compliment.
  4. 4 Tell her that something reminded you of her.
  5. 5 Make her smile with something cute or funny.
  6. 6 Ask her questions about herself.
  7. 7 Let her know you’re there for her.

How do you smile flirty?

A flirty smile uses your eyes, your head, your neck and even your whole body. There are different flirty smiles, small little smirk, one side of your lip raising just a bit, the closed mouth raised eyebrow, or even biting your bottom lip gently.

How do I cheer up my crush over text?

11 Texts To Send When You Need To Cheer Someone Up

  1. “*Ahem* Presenting, the top 10 things I appreciate about you:”
  2. “Let me know if you want me to come over and make you a snack or give you a hug.
  3. “I know you’ve got a lot going on and it’s really hard.
  4. “Just a reminder that you’re beautiful inside and out.

What’s the best way to make a girl smile?

“Making your girl smile is worth a lot in a relationship. Women love to be loved and one way to help them capture that feeling is by making them smile. It doesn’t have to come from a joke or a silly act, it can come from sincere words professing your love to a beautifully crafted card.

What makes a good joke make a girl smile?

Not every joke is going to be a winner, but just the attempt can make her smile. Some of the main ingredients of a good joke include finding the right target, having the element of surprise, exaggerating everyday life, and having the basis of truth. The “target” refers to what you tell the joke about.

What’s the best way to give a compliment?

Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, and so, a compliment is sure to make her smile. The best compliments are sincere, which means you really mean it. Take a moment to study her, so you can tell her what you really do like about her. You don’t have to stick to looks.

What’s the best way to impress a girl?

Here are some tricks that you can use to impress a girl: 1 Compliment her on things that are unique to who she is as a person; tell her what sets her apart from the rest! 2 Remember the details of what she tells you during your one-on-one conversations and reference it later. 3 Use your sense of humor to make the girl laugh.