What are the remains of an exploded star called?

What are the remains of an exploded star called?

A supernova remnant (SNR) is the structure resulting from the explosion of a star in a supernova. The supernova remnant is bounded by an expanding shock wave, and consists of ejected material expanding from the explosion, and the interstellar material it sweeps up and shocks along the way.

What is it called when a supergiant star collapses and explodes the process?

But as a star burns through its fuel and begins to cool, the outward forces of pressure drop. When the pressure drops low enough in a massive star, gravity suddenly takes over and the star collapses in just seconds. This collapse produces the explosion we call a supernova.

What happens when a super massive star explodes?

When a massive star runs out of fuel, it cools off. The collapse happens so quickly that it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to explode! Usually a very dense core is left behind, along with an expanding cloud of hot gas called a nebula.

What remains of a massive star after it explodes as a supernova quizlet?

After a Supernova the star will become a Neutron Star, giving off very little light. If it is big enough the Star could collapse in on it self making it a Black Hole. We have recently found that anything with enough gravity can collapse in on it self and become a Black Hole, so even you or I could.

What happens to the core of a super massive star after it became a supernova at the end of its life?

Once the star’s core surpasses a certain mass (the Chandrasekhar limit), the star begins to implode (for this reason, these supernovae are also known as core-collapse supernovas). The core heats up and becomes denser.

What happens to the core of a super massive star after it became a supernova at the end of its life quizlet?

Final stage in the evolution of a massive star, where the cores mass collapses to a point that its gravity is so strong that not even light can escape its grip. The small, dense remains of a high-mass star after it goes Supernova. During this process the core of the Star turns to iron and the Star will become unstable.

What happens to the core of a supernova star?

It is possible that this core will remain intact after the supernova, and be called a neutron star. However, if the original star was very massive (say 15 or more times the mass of our Sun), even the neutrons will not be able to survive the core collapse and a black hole will form!

What’s the name of the star that died without exploding?

The spiral galaxy NGC 6946 spawned the first, and so far the only, failed supernova ever seen: a red supergiant star that vanished from the heavens without exploding. Image credit: Science Source/Robert Gendler. No one had ever seen one of these huge red stars wink out of existence with so little fuss before.

How is a star as heavy as the Sun supposed to go out?

A star as heavy as this one, born with 25 times the mass of the Sun, was supposed to go out in a fiery flash of light known as a supernova, millions or billions of times brighter than our Sun. But this one refused to play the role of drama queen.

What does the term collapsar mean in astronomy?

The word “collapsar”, short for “collapsed star “, was formerly used to refer to the end product of stellar gravitational collapse, a stellar-mass black hole. The word is now sometimes used to refer to a specific model for the collapse of a fast-rotating star.