What are the predators of GREY reef sharks?

What are the predators of GREY reef sharks?

Predators of the grey reef shark include larger sharks such as the silvertip shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus), tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) and the great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) (Frisch et al.

Are GREY reef sharks endangered?

Near Threatened
Grey reef shark/Conservation status
Grey reef sharks are not yet an endangered species. Therefore, the species is on the Red List of the World Conservation Union as near threatened. But in some parts of the range of the species, the animals have become rare.

How long can a black reef shark live?

Blacktip reef sharks are viviparous — producing live pups instead of eggs — and give birth to up to 10 pups each year. The pups reach maturity at an average age of about 4 years old for males and 7 years old for females. Most live to 13 years of age, sometimes longer.

Why are GREY reef sharks important?

Gray reef sharks are important apex predators who keep a balance in our reef ecosystems and remove sick, diseased, and dead animals from the population. Unfortunately, gray reef sharks are listed as near threatened (NT) due to commercial fishing for human consumption, fishmeal, and other shark products.

Are grey sharks aggressive?

The grey reef shark is a fast-swimming, agile predator that feeds primarily on free-swimming bony fishes and cephalopods. Its aggressive demeanor enables it to dominate many other shark species on the reef, despite its moderate size.

Are reef sharks nice?

These sharks are known to be aggressive and dangerous, which means swimmers may want to avoid them. But if you’re looking to snorkelling on the world’s best reefs, the chances are you will encounter sharks as well.

What are the Predators of gray reef sharks?

Main predators of grey reef sharks are humans and large sharks. Grey reef sharks occasionally attack people. Most attacks happened during the feeding time, when sharks become overexcited. Grey reef shark shows specific behavior when it is threatened. It swims side to side with arched back, raised head and dropped pectoral fins.

What eats a gray reef shark?

Grey reef sharks are themselves prey for larger sharks, such as the silvertip shark. At Rangiroa Atoll in French Polynesia , great hammerheads ( Sphyrna mokarran ) feed opportunistically on grey reef sharks that are exhausted from pursuing mates. [15]

What is the lifespan of the gray reef shark?

Grey Reef Sharks can live for 22 to 28 years. How fast is a Grey Reef Shark? A Grey Reef Shark can travel at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

What does the gray reef shark eat?

Grey reef sharks feed mainly on bony fishes, with cephalopods such as squid and octopus being the second-most important food group, and crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters making up the remainder. The larger sharks take a greater proportion of cephalopods.