What are the major geographical features of Colombia?

What are the major geographical features of Colombia?

Colombia is a land of extremes. Through its center run the towering, snow-covered volcanoes and mountains of the Andes. Tropical beaches line the north and west. And there are deserts in the north and vast grasslands, called Los Llanos, in the east.

What is the main geographic feature of Southern Columbia?

In southern Colombia the Amazonian rainforest, or selva, reaches its northern limit. From the Guaviare River northward the plains between the Andes and the Orinoco River are mostly grass-covered, forming the largest savanna complex in tropical America.

What are 3 major landforms in Colombia?

Geography. The top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains and the Cordillera Oriental.

What makes Colombia unique?

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, after only Brazil which is 10 times its size, and one of only 17 “megadiverse” countries. It has the highest amount of species by area in the world, including more species of bird than all of Europe and North America combined.

What are 5 facts about Colombia?

  • Colombia is the Second Most Biodiverse Country in the World.
  • Colombia is the #1 Most Biodiverse Country in Birdlife.
  • Colombia is #1 in Emerald Exportation.
  • Coffee Lover’s Rejoice!!
  • Colombia is Often Voted One of the World’s Happiest Countries.
  • Colombia is #2 in Flower Exportation.

What is Colombia known for economically?

The economy of Colombia is the fourth largest in Latin America as measured by gross domestic product. Petroleum is Colombia’s main export, representing over 45% of Colombia’s exports. Manufacturing represents nearly 12% of Colombia’s exports, and grows at a rate of over 10% a year.

What are some of Colombia’s major landforms?

Challenge yourself to climb these five Colombian landmarks Monserrate, Bogota. Monserrate mountain is Bogota’s most famous landmark and a source of pilgrimage. El Peñón, Guatapé. Guatapé Rock (sometimes known as La Piedra or The Stone) is a national monument, worshipped by the indigenous people who used to inhabit the area. La Torre Panorámica de Chipre, Manizales. La Popa, Cartagena. The Sugar Loaf, La Guajira.

What are the geographic features of Colombia?

The major geographical features of Colombia include the Magdalena River, Cauca River, Amazon River, Orinoco River, Santa Marta Mountains and the Andean mountain range, which is divided into three regions, namely the Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Oriental and the Cordillera Central .

What are the physical characteristics of Colombia?

Colombia has both torrid jungles and majestic, snowcapped mountains. By far the most prominent physical features are the three great Andean chains that fan north from Ecuador .

Is Columbia in South America?

Colombia is a republic located in South America. Colombia is located in northwestern of South America. It is bordered to Venezuela in the east, in southeastern to Brazil, south to Peru and Ecuador and Panama in the west. In the west it borders the Pacific Ocean and in the north to the Caribbean Sea.