What are the characteristic of underdeveloped countries?

What are the characteristic of underdeveloped countries?


  • Low per Capita Income: An underdeveloped country is a poor country.
  • Inequitable Distribution of Wealth and Income:
  • Predominance of Agriculture:
  • Deficiency of Capital:
  • High Rate of Population Growth:
  • Unemployment and Underemployment:
  • A Dualistic Economy:
  • Technical Backwardness:

What are the characteristics of a developing country?

Characteristics of Developing Economies

  • Low Per Capita Real Income.
  • High Population Growth Rate.
  • High Rates of Unemployment.
  • Dependence on Primary Sector.
  • Dependence on Exports of Primary Commodities.
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What are the main features of underdevelopment?

What are the Important Features of India as an Underdeveloped Economy?

  • Low Income:
  • Predominance of Agriculture:
  • Rapid Population Growth Rate and High Dependency Ratio:
  • Mass Poverty:
  • Unemployment and Underemployment:
  • Inequality:
  • Scarcity of Capital:
  • Low Level of human Development:

What are the characteristics of poor?

Meanwhile, the characteristics of poverty are: (1) most of them are living in rural areas; (2) their family size are bigger than the average; (3) their main source of income is agricultural sector; (4) lack of resources; (5) low quality of human resource; (6) low income; (7) most of income is used for basic needs; (8) …

What are the characteristics that are most common in poor and developing countries?

Developing countries have been suffering from common attributes like mass poverty, high population growth, lower living standards, illiteracy, unemployment and underemployment, underutilization of resources, socio-political variability, lack of good governance, uncertainty and vulnerability, low access to finance, and …

What are 3 characteristics of a developing country?

Why are countries underdeveloped?

An underdeveloped country is a country characterized by widespread chronic poverty and less economic development than other nations. These nations often experience high birth rates and high population growth, further contributing to their widespread poverty.

What are three characteristics of less developed countries?

The following points highlight the seven main characteristics of Less Developed Countries (LDCs). Some of the characteristics are: 1. Low per capita income and widespread poverty 2. Shortage of capital 3. Population explosion and high dependency 4. Massive unemployment and Others.

What are the features of underdeveloped economies?

Underdeveloped economies are characterised by low labour productivity due to low level of skill set. Natural resources are underutilised in underdeveloped economies. Their capability to exploit them is very low. Large scale unemployment is another characteristic feature of underdeveloped countries.

What are the common characteristics of developing countries?

Map of developing countries. Developing nations are those with low, lower middle, or middle incomes relative to other countries. Common characteristics of developing countries are low levels of living characterized by low income, inequality, poor health and inadequate education.Also they are countries with low Human Development Index .

Which nations are known as more-developed countries?

The term “developed country” is synonymous to “industrialized country, post-industrial country, more developed country, advanced country, and first-world country.” The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States of America are only a few of those considered as developed countries.