What are the 5 different types of motherboards?

What are the 5 different types of motherboards?

Below are the six different types of Motherboards:

  • AT Motherboard. These motherboards have bigger physical dimensions of hundreds of millimeters and hence they are not the right fit for the mini desktop category of computers.
  • ATX Motherboard.
  • LPX Motherboard.
  • BTX Motherboard.
  • Pico BTX motherboard.
  • Mini ITX motherboard.

How do I find name of motherboard?

To find out what motherboard you have, follow these steps:

  1. In the Windows search bar, type in ‘cmd’ and hit enter.
  2. In Command Prompt, type in wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer.
  3. Your motherboard manufacturer and the name/model of the motherboard will be displayed.

What is the name of first motherboard?

The first motherboard, originally called a “planar,” was used in the IBM Personal Computer. The AT, or Full AT, motherboard form factor was introduced by IBM in August 1984. IBM introduced the Baby AT motherboard form factor in 1985.

How many motherboard names are there?

Brief Comparison of the Motherboard Form Factors.

Form Factor Manufacturer/Date Dimensions
Standard-ATX Intel 1995 12 × 13 in
Micro-ATX Intel 1997 9.6 × 9.6 in
Mini-ITX VIA 2001 6.7 × 6.7 in
Nano-ITX VIA 2003 4.7 × 4.7 in

Are all motherboards the same?

Motherboards come in different sizes, meaning that you have some flexibility in building your PC to fit into your environment. That’s why motherboards come in various sizes, or form factors, and these standards define not only the size of the motherboard but also how many of various components they tend to support.

How do I know what RAM I need?

Check your total RAM capacity

  1. Click on the Windows Start menu and type in System Information.
  2. A list of search results pops up, among which is the System Information utility. Click on it.
  3. Scroll down to Installed Physical Memory (RAM) and see how much memory is installed on your computer.

How do I find motherboard specs?

To see what kind of motherboard you have, type system information in the Windows search bar and hit enter. Then look for a field labeled System Manufacturer and System Model. This will tell you the make and model of your motherboard. Type system information on the Windows search bar.

Which is the latest motherboard?

Latest Intel Motherboard

Motherboard NAME PRICE
Intel DH67GDB3 Media Series uATX – LGA1155 MotherBoard – for 2nd and 3rd Generation Processor Rs.36,376
Intel Desktop Board DB75EN Rs.32,014
Intel Galileo Gen 2 Development Board Rs.8,248
Intel DH87MC LGA1150 4th Generation Motherboard BOXDH87MC Rs.14,997

What is LPX motherboard?

LPX (Low Profile eXtension) is a motherboard form factor developed by Western Digital in 1987, that was used in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. An LPX motherboard is 9″ wide x 13″ deep, uses a riser card, and has different placement of the video, parallel, serial, and PS/2 ports compared to other motherboards.

What are the best motherboard brands?

ASUS has been the world’s leading motherboard brand for over 10 consecutive years. ASUS is also the BEST motherboard brand, with products built on four core pillars — Best-selling, Easy to use, Stability and Trusted.

Who makes the best motherboards?

ASUS is the world’s largest manufacturer of motherboards and one of the best brands for gaming. Asustek, apart from making motherboards, also makes many other PC consumer electronics, which are sold world wide.

What is the best gaming motherboard?

2018 Best Gaming Motherboards 1. Best Budget AMD Motherboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk 2. Best Budget Intel Motherboard : MSI Z370-A PRO 3. Best Mid-Range AMD Motherboard: ASUS Prime X370-Pro 4. Best Mid-Range Intel Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 5. Best High-End AMD Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX X470-F

What is the best motherboard company?

Generally speaking, ASUS is the best. The best BIOS and quality parts. Their “ROG” or republic of gamers series are specially designed for overclocking.