What are rocks from the moon made of?

What are rocks from the moon made of?

Lunar rocks are in large part made of the same common rock forming minerals as found on Earth, such as olivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase feldspar (anorthosite). Plagioclase feldspar is mostly found in the lunar crust, whereas pyroxene and olivine are typically seen in the lunar mantle.

What are the 4 types of rock found on the moon?

There are four types of rocks commonly found on the Moon: Basalt, Breccia, Highlands, and Regolith (or surface soil).

Is the Moon basalt?

Distribution of Basalt Nearly 26% of the near side of the Moon is basalt and only 2% of the far side is basalt. Most basalt in either hemisphere is found in areas of lowest elevation, particularly in the very large impact basins.

How much is a piece of Moon Rock worth?

NASA assessed the value of the rocks at around $50,800 per gram in 1973 dollars, based on the total cost of retrieving the samples. That works to just a hair over $300,000 a gram in today’s currency.

Are moon rocks real?

Moon rock or lunar rock refers to rock that is found on Earth’s Moon. This includes lunar material collected during the course of human exploration of the Moon, and rock that has been ejected naturally from the Moon’s surface and landed on Earth as meteorites.

Why is selling Moon rocks illegal?

A lunar meteorite is a piece of the Moon. This is why many people think that owning a Moon Rock is illegal – because the Apollo samples are illegal to own by private citizens. Apollo Moon Rocks are NASA and US government property which cannot be sold or exchanged to private citizens.

Why is Moon Rock illegal?

What are Moon rocks and how are they made?

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Is a Moon composed mostly of rock?

The Moon has a small iron-rich core, but is composed mostly of rock . Its heavily cratered surface was caused by the bombardment of asteroids when the solar system was young, about 500-700 million years after its formation.

How expensive is Moon rock?

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What minerals are the Moon made of?

Elements known to be present on the lunar surface include, among others, oxygen (O), silicon (Si), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), aluminium (Al), manganese (Mn) and titanium (Ti). Among the more abundant are oxygen, iron and silicon.