What advice does Gandalf give the crew before they enter Mirkwood forest?

What advice does Gandalf give the crew before they enter Mirkwood forest?

He tells them not to drink or bathe in the enchanted stream in Mirkwood, to send his ponies back when they get to the forest, and, above all, not to stray from the path.

Why does the dwarves arrival create such a stir in Lake Town?

Why does the dwarves’ arrival create such a stir in Lake-town? They are happy to see him and the other dwarves. They know the dwarves are back to take back the treasure from the dragon Smaug.

Which of the dwarves falls into the river in Mirkwood forest?

History. Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves of Thorin and Company had to cross the stream while traveling through Mirkwood on their quest to the Lonely Mountain. One of the Dwarves, Bombur, was knocked into into the stream by a charging deer while trying to get out of a boat they used in the crossing.

Why did the dwarves come to Bilbo’s house?

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Hobbit, the dwarves gather at Bilbo Baggins’ house because Gandalf told them that there was an expert “burglar” in the area “looking for a Job at once, and that he had arranged for a meeting here this Wednesday tea-time” (18).

What did Gandalf tell the dwarves about Beorn’s whereabouts?

What news did Gandalf bring the dwarves about Beorn’s whereabouts? He told them Beorn had been out checking out their story. Gandalf had followed thebear tracks to the Warg clearing.

Who rescues Gandalf Bilbo Thorin and the dwarves from the Wargs and Goblins?

The Lord of the Eagles carries Gandalf on its back, and other eagles fly the rest to the safety of their eyrie (a large nest). The characters spend the night in the eyrie, and the eagles hunt and return with animals for the travelers to eat.

How did Bilbo go through the forest of Mirkwood?

Bilbo and the dwarves begin to go through the dark and dreadful forest of Mirkwood. They come to the enchanted stream Beorn warned about, and Bilbo sees a boat on the other side. With great difficulty, they use iron hooks from their packs to pull the boat toward them.

What happens to Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves?

Bilbo and the dwarves appear to be in real trouble without the guidance of Gandalf, as is indicated when they use all their arrows in a futile attempt to kill the deer and when Bombur falls into the enchanted stream. Even in this episode, however, Bilbo continues to emerge as a far more useful character than the dwarves originally estimated.

How did Thorin tell the dwarves about the ring?

He reveals the secret of the ring to the dwarves and lures the spiders into a battle, wounding and killing some and frightening others away. In the meantime, Thorin has been captured by the Wood-elves who were feasting in the forest. They take him to their king, who has him thrown in the dungeon.