Is there anything to do in Albania?

Is there anything to do in Albania?

Thanks to its long and interesting history, Albania’s cities and scenic countryside are full of amazing old castles, Roman ruins, and Ottoman-era mosques and buildings, which make the country fascinating to explore.

What’s special in Albania?

What is Albania famous for? 15 Unique Things about Albania

  • The Inaccesible Accursed Mountains of Albania.
  • Street Art and Colourful buildings in Tirana.
  • The refurbished bunkers of Albania.
  • The Lake Koman Ferry.
  • The Blue Eye of Albania.
  • The famous Furgon mini-busses.
  • The Pyramid of Tirana.
  • Unique Albanian dance and costumes.

What is the best thing about Albania?

One of the most beautiful things about Albania is the nature. The country has two natural water springs, called ‘Blue Eyes’, which produce some of the cleanest and coldest water of Europe.

Is Albania a beautiful place?

From sun-kissed stretches of white sand to majestic mountains, Albania has it all. Its beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines are some of the most amazing places in Albania. They’re arguably just as gorgeous as those in neighboring Montenegro and Greece, but nowhere near as crowded.

What are some fun facts about Albania?

Fun Facts about Albania

  • Only 3 million people live in the country.
  • Mother Teresa is the country’s heroine.
  • The majority of Albanians are Muslim.
  • In 1967, Albania was proclaimed as the first atheist state in the world.
  • The current Republic of Albania is the fourth republic to be established in the country.

Are there any nice parts of Albania?

12 Unforgettable Places to Visit in Albania

  • Southern Ionian Coast. Credit: Saranda’s City Port, Albania.
  • Adriatic Coast. Adriatic Coast. Adriatic Coast.
  • Berat. Berat. Berat.
  • Tirana. Tirana. Tirana.
  • Albanian Riviera. Albanian Riviera. Albanian Riviera.
  • Apollonia. Apollonia. Apollonia.
  • Llogara Pass. Llogara Pass.
  • Durres. Durres.

Do they eat pork in Albania?

The country’s cuisine is largely meat-based. Beef and veal are the most commonly consumed meats in Albania, followed by pork. Albania has many small eateries specializing in beef and lamb, goat and veal. In high elevation localities, smoked meat and pickled preserves are common.