Is poppycock a legal term?

Is poppycock a legal term?

NONSENSE, construction. That which in a written agreement or will is unintelligible. 2. It is a rule of law that an instrument shall be so construed that the whole, if possible, shall stand.

What is a poppycock British slang?

Poppycock means nonsense, rubbish, something that is ridiculous or nonsensical. Poppycock comes to us from Dutch immigrants to America who brought with them the word pappekak, which reputedly means soft dung.

What is the origin of the saying poppycock?

But how did it get there in the first place? According to several online sources—including the Merriam-Webster Dictionary—poppycock is a corruption of the Dutch word pappekak, a compound of pap, meaning “soft, chewed up food”, and kak, meaning, well, “cack”.

What is a Cattywampus?

Definition – askew, awry, kitty-corner. Cattywampus is a variant of catawampus, another example of grand 19th century American slang. In addition to “askew” catawampus may refer to “an imaginary fierce wild animal,” or may mean “savage, destructive.”

What does it Meaned to be railed?

Getting railed, quite literally, means having sex – or, if you prefer to take the cue from Urban Dictionary, it means the act of having wild, wild sex. We’ve moved past from calling it a bit of Carry On (Picture: Getty)

What does gob stopped mean?

The term gobstopper derives from ‘gob’, which is slang in Britain and Ireland for mouth. Gobstoppers are sucked or licked, being too hard to bite without risking dental damage.

Is poppycock in the Oxford dictionary?

poppycock noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

What is the origin of the word flibbertigibbet?

Flibbertigibbet is one of many incarnations of the Middle English word flepergebet, meaning “gossip” or “chatterer.” (Others include “flybbergybe,” “flibber de’ Jibb,” and “flipperty-gibbet.”) It is a word of onomatopoeic origin, created from sounds that were intended to represent meaningless chatter.

Which is the best definition of the word Poppycock?

Definition of poppycock : empty talk or writing : nonsense Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About poppycock

Is there such a thing as too much poppycock?

There’s too much of the poppycock —too many of those long-haired, long-winded donkeys playing the miniature creator for my taste. The Waif was no poppycock yacht, built to dodge about the Solent and run for Cowes if the wind blew a capful.

What did Billy Stark think sounded like Poppycock?

Billy Stark, coming in at the door, thought that sounded like poppycock, but Electra knew it was the wisdom of the chosen. Has he really got these ideas—the ambitious poppycock that you talked about?