Is Olivia Valli related to Frankie Valli?

Is Olivia Valli related to Frankie Valli?

Olivia Valli, Granddaughter of Frankie Valli, to Join Off-Broadway’s Jersey Boys. She will step into the role based on her grandmother, Frankie Valli’s first wife, Mary Delgado, beginning on May 20, replacing Natalie Gallo, who will take her final bow at off-Broadway’s New World Stages on May 19.

How did Nick Massi die?

Nick Massi/Cause of death
Nick Massi, an original member of the popular ’60s group Four Seasons, died Sunday of cancer-related causes at his home in West Orange, New Jersey, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. He was 73.

Who was Frankie Valli’s wife?

Randy Clohessym. 1984–2004
MaryAnn Hanniganm. 1974–1982Mary Mandelm. 1957–1971
Frankie Valli/Wife

He married MaryAnn Hannagan in 1974, and that marriage lasted eight years. He then married Randy Clohessy in 1984; they had three sons and separated in 2004.

Did Frankie Valli lose his hearing?

Valli has experienced several personal struggles over the years. In 1967, he learned that he was losing his hearing from otosclerosis, hardening of the bone in the middle ear. He suffered from the condition until a surgery in 1980 restored most of his hearing.

Did Nick Massi have children?

Nicky Macioci Jr.
Bobby MaciociPatty Macioci
Nick Massi/Children

How does Joe Pesci know Frankie Valli?

As a teenager, Pesci was friends with singers Frankie Valli (who is nine years his senior) and Tommy DeVito (who was 15 years his senior), and in 1959, at age 16, he helped introduce them to singer and songwriter Bob Gaudio, which led to the formation of the band The Four Seasons.

What happened to Frankie Valli’s daughters?

In 1980, his stepdaughter, Celia, was killed when she fell off a fire escape, and six months later his youngest daughter, Francine, from his marriage to Mary reportedly died from a drug overdose.

How many times has Frankie Valli been married?

Frankie Valli has so far been married thrice; he got married to his first wife, Mary while he was in his early twenties and early stage of his music career. His marriage to Mary produced a solitary biological daughter, Francine and a step-daughter, Celia. The marriage lasted 13 years, ending in 1971.

What was the cause of Frankie Valli’s daughter’s death?

To add to this sadness, Celia died in 1980 due to a fall accident. She was locked out of her New York apartment and tried to enter it through the fire escape. But she slipped and fell to her death. This was not all. Six months after Celia’s death, the couple’s daughter Francine died of an apparent drug overdose.

When did Frankie Valli and Maryann Clohessy divorce?

Their marriage which began in June 1974 eventually ended in divorce eight years later (in 1982). Frankie’s marriage to Maryann did not produce any child. Following his second divorce, Valli married his third wife, Randy Clohessy. The duo tied the knot in July 1984. With Randy, Frankie had three sons.

Who are the children of Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel?

Emilio Valli is the eldest daughter of Mary Mandel and Frankie Valli. Francesco Valli is the youngest daughter of Mary Mandel and Frankie Valli. She died in 1980, due to an overdose of a drug. Brando Valli is the first and elder son of Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli. Antonia Valli is the second son of Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli.