Is Nikki leaving Shoplc?

Is Nikki leaving Shoplc?

Nikki Stanzione just said that today and tomorrow are her last days at SLC. Her Facebook page said she accepted a new employment opportunity but didn’t say with which company. Her Facebook post said she’ll make an announcement within the next few weeks of where you you can find her.

Who left LC?

Unfortunately, Dan Dennis has left Shop LC, and we wish him well with his future endeavors.

Who are the hosts of shop LC?

  • Adi Jani.
  • Becky Booker.
  • Blake Clemency.
  • Chuck Clemency.
  • Craig Rooke.
  • Deanna Linz.
  • Dionne Ross.
  • Jessica Maldonado.

Where is Nikki Stanzione working now?

Recent Work Formerly at Jewelry Television, and currently proud to be a Host on Shop LC, she specializes in four hour live sales presentations of jewelry, gemstones, and lifestyle products.

Who is Michelle on ShopLC?

Michele Mahone –
Michele Mahone – On-Air Host – ShopLC | LinkedIn.

Did Sarah Coutts leave shop LC?

Hey KittyCat, it’s Sarah. I did leave and I’m off pursuing other things!

Did Karen Connelly leave shop LC?

Re: Karen Connelly is moving! This is a real loss for Shop LC! On a positive note, I am truly happy for her as she retires. As a recent retiree, I can say retirement has been energizing and freeing! I wish you a retirement filled with adventure, happiness and peace.

Does JTV own shop LC?

Shop LC, formerly known as Liquidation Channel and The Jewelry Channel, is an American cable television network based in Austin, Texas, which mainly specializes in selling jewelry….Shop LC.

Headquarters Austin, Texas
Language(s) English
Picture format 1080i (HDTV) 480i (SDTV)

Who is the new host at Shop HQ?

Nikki Stanzione
Welcome back for Meet Your Host! We interviewed our newest host Nikki Stanzione who tells about her background, favorite food, what she does in her spare time and more!