Is it possible for a goalkeeper to score a goal?

Is it possible for a goalkeeper to score a goal?

A goalkeeper can score a goal in a game of soccer. If the goalkeeper is the last player to touch the soccer ball before it crosses the goal line, then the goalie is considered the scorer of the goal.

Has a soccer goalie ever made a goal?

WEST BROMWICH, England — Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker scored a dramatic goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time to earn a 2-1 win over West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League on Sunday and keep alive his team’s realistic chances of qualifying for the Champions League.

What are goalies allowed to do?

Rules for Goalies: They can kick or throw the ball to a teammate. Goalies can not use their hands if the ball is kicked back to them from a teammate. This also applies on a throw-in, but is much less common. Goalies must wear unique clothing different from the jerseys worn by the other players.

Can a goalkeeper at his goal kick a soccer ball?

Can a goalkeeper at her/ his goal kick a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal without the ball touching the ground? no, the goal keeper can not score without the ball hitting the ground.

Can a goalkeeper be a captain?

Gianpiero Combi, Dino Zoff (1982), Iker Casillas (2010) and Hugo Lloris (2018), are the only goalkeepers to have won the FIFA World Cup as captain of their national teams. Combi, alongside František Plánička, was one of the only two goalkeepers-captains at the same World Cup final.

When can a goalkeeper not touch the ball?

What is the back-pass rule? The back-pass rule states that a goalkeeper is forbidden to handle the ball when passed to them by a team-mate, according to Law 12, Section 2 of the Laws of the Game.

Was Joe Hart a captain?

2016–18: Loans to Torino and West Ham United Hart made his first start of the 2016–17 season in a Champions League qualifying match against Steaua Bucharest, as captain of the City side that won 1–0 on the night, 6–0 on aggregate.