Is Hohner Marine Band good?

Is Hohner Marine Band good?

Overall Verdict: 8.5. All in all, the Marine Band is a fantastic choice as a first harmonica and also for anyone who still doesn’t have one in his collection. I have a couple of them and it was my first real harmonica which drew me into this world – so I hold massive respect for this instrument.

Why is it called Hohner Marine Band?

Like Henry Steinway of the piano industry, Hohner cleverly exploited the prestige of well-known musical figures to enhance the appeal of his instruments. The Marine Band model, which became the most popular harmonica of all time, was named after the famous band led by American composer and bandmaster John Philip Sousa.

Are Hohner Blues Band harmonicas good?

Hohner Blues Band harmonica is a great choice for players looking to get into harmonica. The Blues Band is also an excellent choice for a backup harmonica. It’s plain and simple, everything a good harmonica should be.

What is the difference between a blues harp and Marine Band?

The Marine Band harp has a richer tone – better for “straight harp,” but some folks have trouble bending notes on it. The Blues Harp (not to be confused with the Chinese toy “Blues Band” harmonica) has thinner reeds, which makes them easier to bend than the Marine Band’s reeds, but not as rich-sounding.

How do I identify a Hohner harmonica?

Hohner used various trademarks over the years, but a particularly common one was a circle being held by two hands. Look in the middle of the circle – if there is a star inside it, then it is probable that it was made prior to WWII. Here is an example: Later versions of that trademark omit the star.

Who makes good harmonicas?

  • 1 Suzuki Harmonica Ha-20-C. Read more:
  • 2 Hohner Case Of Special 20s Harmonica 5-Pack.
  • 3 Suzuki Humming Tremolo-21-C Harmonica.
  • 4 Lee Oskar Harmonica.
  • 5 Swan Harmonica Sw1040.
  • 6 Boseno 10 Holes Double Tremolo Harmonica.
  • 7 Jinwode Armonica Professional.
  • 8 Anwenk Harmonica Key Of C.