Is C Everett Koop still alive?

Is C Everett Koop still alive?

Deceased (1916–2013)
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How old is C Everett Koop?

96 years (1916–2013)
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C. Everett Koop, who was widely regarded as the most influential surgeon general in American history and played a crucial role in changing public attitudes about smoking, died on Monday at his home in Hanover, N.H. He was 96.

Why is C Everett Koop famous?

Charles Everett Koop (October 14, 1916 – February 25, 2013) was an American pediatric surgeon and public health administrator. Koop was known for his work on tobacco use, AIDS, and abortion, and for his support of the rights of children with disabilities.

Who was the surgeon general under Ronald Reagan?

Everett Koop
Everett Koop, MD, Surgeon General Under Ronald Reagan, Dies at 96. Throughout his term, turbulent as it was, he shouldered quarrelsome health issues that might have been shunned by a less bold doctor, bringing them to the arena of public discourse.

Why does surgeon general wear a uniform?

Why does the surgeon general wear a uniform and what does it signify? Members of the PHS are given military-style commissions and naval-style ranks and they wear uniforms to reflect those titles. The idea is that the PHS is a mobile force ready to be on the frontlines of whatever health crisis may arise.

How many surgeon generals have there been?

Sixteen men and three women have served in the office. Biographical information about each Surgeon General can be viewed by selecting the respective picture or text below. Thomas Parran, Jr.

Who was the first black Surgeon General?

Minnie Joycelyn Elders
Schaal, Arkansas, U.S. Minnie Joycelyn Elders (born Minnie Lee Jones; August 13, 1933) is an American pediatrician and public health administrator who served as Surgeon General of the United States from 1993 to 1994.

Why does Surgeon General wear a uniform?

Is surgeon general a military rank?

Service rank The surgeon general is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, one of the eight uniformed services of the United States, and by law holds the rank of vice admiral.