Is algia a prefix?

Is algia a prefix?

algia: Word ending indicating pain, as in arthralgia (joint pain), cephalgia (headache), fibromyalgia, mastalgia (breast pain), myalgia (muscle pain), and neuralgia (nerve pain).

What does the suffix algia and dynia mean?

Suffixes meaning pain. SEE: -dynia. -algia, -algesia is a sample topic from the Taber’s Medical Dictionary.

What does the root Cephal mean in medical terms?

the head
Cephal-: Prefix indicating the head.

Is Cyte a suffix?

cyte: A suffix denoting a cell. Derived from the Greek “kytos” meaning “hollow, as a cell or container.” From the same root come the prefix “cyto-” and the combining form “-cyto” which similarly denote a cell.

What does suffix ine mean?

1. a suffix of adjectives of Greek or Latin origin, meaning “of or pertaining to,” “of the nature of,” “made of,” “like”: asinine; crystalline; equine; marine.

Is a suffix med term?

Medical terms always end with a suffix. The suffix usually indicates a specialty, test, procedure, function, condition/disorder, or status. For example, “itis” means inflammation and “ectomy” means removal. Alternatively, the suffix may simply make the word a noun or adjective.

What is the suffix dynia?

TABLE 1.3 -a Suffixes Meaning “Abnormal Condition or Disease” -y -dynia is another suffix meaning pain. Gastrodynia (gas-troh-DIN-ee-ah) also means pain in the stomach (gastr/o means stomach, and -dynia means pain). Although -dynia has the same meaning as -algia, it is not used as commonly (Figure 1.4). –

Is dynia a word root?

Forms medical terms relating to pain.

Is edema a root word?

edema Add to list Share. First used as a 14th century medical Latin term, the noun edema derives from the Greek word oidein meaning “to swell.” It is a swelling that results from an excess of fluid trapped inside the body’s tissue.

What is the suffix for swelling?

4 Suffix

-cele hernia, protrusion, swelling hydrocele
-centesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid amniocentesis
-crine to secrete exocrine
-cyesis pregnancy pseudocyesis