Is a concussion part of the nervous system?

Is a concussion part of the nervous system?

The evidence supports the conclusion that it is likely that concussion causes autonomic nervous system anomalies.

What part of the nervous system breaks during a concussion?

The sudden brain movement from a concussion leads neurons to stretch and sometimes break. The stretching and breaking disrupts communication between neurons in the brain.

What body systems are involved in a concussion?

Brain function, connectivity and activity change after concussion; brain cells get injured, and almost any body system can affected in some way (including the vestibular/balance, endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems). Most of these issues are temporary and will run their course within a few weeks.

What nerves are affected in concussion?

What Does Damage Look Like?

  • One of the most commonly damaged nerves during head trauma is Cranial Nerve I, the olfactory nerve.
  • If the facial nerve is damaged, cranial nerve VII, one side of the face will not be able to make expressions, and taste may be altered2.

What happens to the neurons during a concussion?

You get a concussion as a result of your brain moving suddenly inside your skull and shaking like jello as it returns to rest. This brain movement hurts your neurons by causing them to stretch and sometimes break. The sudden brain movement causes damage which is labeled as a concussion.

How does a concussion affect the circulatory system?

Sports-Related Concussion Negatively Affects Heart Rate, Blood Pressure. Newswise — Bethesda, Md. (February 9, 2017)—A new study finds that concussion causes short-term impairment of the cardiovascular system but that these cardiovascular symptoms typically resolve within three days of the injury.

How does brain injury affect the nervous system?

A traumatic brain injury interferes with the way the brain normally works. When nerve cells in the brain are damaged, they can no longer send information to each other in the normal way. This causes changes in the person’s behavior and abilities.

How does a brain injury affect the nervous system?

What happens in the brain during concussion?

Within the skull, the brain floats in a protective suspension of cerebrospinal fluid. Concussion occurs when either a direct impact or whiplash effect causes the brain to move inside the head and bump against the skull. As a result, neurons are damaged and the brain may bruise at the site of impact.

Can a concussion damage the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve, which can be affected by concussions, also plays a role in gut health. The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that communicates with the liver, pancreas and gallbladder to keep things moving through the gut.

Can concussion change blood pressure?

Brain injury (concussion) can also change the complex internal functions of the body, such as regulating body temperature; blood pressure; bowel and bladder control. These changes can be temporary or permanent. They may cause impairment or a complete inability to perform a function.

How does the nervous system prevent injuries?

For example, the brain and spinal cord are protected from physical trauma by encasement in bony structures, and from peripheral infection and some chemical influences by the blood brain barrier.

Can a concussion cause autonomic nervous system dysfunction?

While ANS dysfunction is a new research field regarding concussions, several studies have shown that “ it is ‘likely’ that concussions cause autonomic nervous system anomalies .” Studies have also shown that one of the regions of the brain that may be negatively impacted by concussion is the midbrain.

What happens to brain tissue during a concussion?

Brain tissue and brain cells get strained and stretched – More recent research is suggesting that the brain is actually stretching and changing shape during an concussive event. Brain tissue is flexible, but if it stretches too much there can be changes to important brain connections and injury to brain cells (neurons).

How does a concussion affect the vestibular system?

The vestibular system is built of parts of your inner ear, brain and nervous system. In some cases a concussion can lead to injury of these areas or affect how well they’re working. A type of vestibular injury called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) can also happen with head impacts.

How many nerves are injured during a concussion?

In rare cases, nerves in your head and neck can be injured during a concussion. There are a dozen sets of nerves (or 13, depending if you count the terminal nerve) that come from your brain and brain stem called the cranial nerves.