How would you describe Simon?

How would you describe Simon?

Simon is small and skinny with a pointed chin. He has black hair, bright eyes and tans easily. He is considered strange or odd by the others as he is rather shy and secretive. He has a habit of going off on his own which sets him apart and he is also not physically strong.

What was Simon’s personality?

Overall, Simon is a kind, benevolent adolescent, who is wise, compassionate, and sensitive. One of the main traits is that Simon is compassionate and very caring.

How does Simon feel in the jungle?

When Simon sits alone in the jungle glade marveling at the beauty of nature, we see that he feels a basic connection with the natural world. On the whole, Simon seems to have a basic goodness and kindness that comes from within him and is tied to his connection with nature.

Why is Simon so nice in Lord of the Flies?

He behaves kindly because he’s filled with kindness. He is good, because for him, there is simply no other way to exist. One of the ways to interpret Lord of the Flies is as a biblical allegory, a kind of story with a deeper, symbolic meaning or moral.

What do we learn about Simon from this?

Simon is hardworking, and he also yields to reason. Simon understands that there is an urgent need for the shelters they are trying to construct, and despite not having any skills in construction, he tries to play his part in assisting Ralph.

How is Simon described in Lord of the flies?

Simon is introverted and a deep thinker, it is he who suspects and then discovers that the beast is not a creature but the evil within themselves. Simon is beaten to death by the over excited boys, who mistake him for the beast when he staggers from the jungle and onto the beach during the dance which is taking place at Jack’s feast.

Why does Simon want to find the Beast on the mountain?

Yet Simon soldiers on in his quest to discover the identity of the beast on the mountaintop because he sees the need for the boys to face their fears, to understand the true identity of the false beast on the mountain, and to get on with the business of facing the beast within themselves.

How is Simon different from Piggy and Ralph?

In contrast to Piggy and Ralph’s equating adulthood with knowledge and higher understanding, Simon sees the darker side of knowledge. For him, the staked sow’s eyes are “dim with the infinite cynicism of adult life,” a view of adults not defined by the civilized politeness and capability the boys imagine.

What does Simon say to Ralph in Chapter 7?

Simon provides comfort to Ralph in Chapter 7 when he suggests that Ralph will return home eventually. The line is simultaneously reassuring and ominous, as Simon says “you” instead of “we,” suggesting that Simon isn’t sure if he will survive the island.