How would you describe Phillip from the cay?

How would you describe Phillip from the cay?

Phillip Enright 12 year old from Virginia living on the island of Curacao. Has a curious attitude about the war, but has a bad attitude towards being blind and being stuck on the raft. He gets his negative, racist attitude from his mother. Phillip changes throughout the book and becomes more mature.

How old is Phillip the Cay?

Phillip Enright: 11-year-old protagonist and narrator, is marooned on a cay in “The Devil’s Mouth” with Timothy.

What adjectives does Timothy use to describe the Cay?

Timothy is described as “black, huge, old… ugly” all of which are adjectives describing Timothy himself. His features are also described using adjectives; for example, his nose is “flat” and his face is “broad” with a “mass of wiry, grey hair.” Wiry and grey are the adjectives describing his hair.

How would you describe the Cay?

The cay is small. It is about a mile long and a half mile wide with beautiful sandy beaches. The island is also littered with palm trees which Phillip is at first terrified to climb in order to get the coconuts. Timothy describes it as a small, uninhabited island.

What are the character traits of Timothy from the cay?

Timothy is very practical, which means he’s a man of action and down to earth. His survival skills are what keep him and Phillip alive when they are stranded on a tiny island. He thinks ahead and makes all kinds of preparations for their needs – from building shelter to finding food and water. He is also optimistic.

What are some of Phillip’s traits in the Cay?

As time passes on the island, Phillip becomes a hard worker who is willing to do his share. He gains both confidence and bravery. Despite his blindness, he climbs tall trees for supplies. Phillip is also teachable. He always was teachable; however, Phillip had to humble himself in order to be taught by Timothy.

How old is Philip Enright in the book The Cay?

Philip Enright, the protagonist of The Cay, is eleven years old and lives on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. In this World War II-era novel, Philip is energetic and considers himself patriotic, as shown by his playing war games in which he and his friends combat the Germans.

What are some adjectives to describe Timothy from the book?

Timothy is a kind man so “kind” is the adjective describing man. The reader knows he is kind because of his actions towards Phillip. He rescued him and now is consoling Phillip over the whereabouts of his mother, assuring Phillip that she is, “safe an’ sound…”

Why did the Cay by Theodore Taylor take place?

The Cay by Theodore Taylor traces the events after a boy and his mother leave Willemstad, Curacao because, due to the Second World War, life is not safe on the island. It isn’t long before a torpedo hits their ship and they are ushered into lifeboats, but Phillip is separated…