How would you describe filch?

How would you describe filch?

Filch is defined as to steal a small thing. An example of filch is to take a pen from someone’s desk when they’re not looking. To take (something, especially something of little value) in a furtive manner; snitch. To steal, to illegally take possession of.

Is to steal or filch?

to steal (especially something of small value); pilfer: to filch ashtrays from fancy restaurants.

What is a Flich?

noun. the side of a hog (or, formerly, some other animal) salted and cured: a flitch of bacon. a steak cut from a halibut. Carpentry.

What is the antonym of filch?

What is the opposite of filch?

contribute give
refuse reject
keep restore
give back hand back
let go free

Is Filch good or bad?

Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts. While he is not an evil character, he is ill-tempered, which makes him unpopular with the student body, and occasionally causes tension or exasperation with teachers and other staff.

Is filch a slang?

verb steal, take, thieve, pinch (informal), lift (informal), nick (slang, chiefly Brit.), trouser (slang), abstract, rip off (slang), cabbage (Brit.

Is filch good or bad?

What part of speech is Filch?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: filches, filching, filched
definition: to steal (usu. something of slight value) in a sly manner; pilfer. Somebody’s been filching my pens again.
related words: borrow, embezzle, lift, pick, rob, sneak, steal, swindle
derivation: filcher (n.)

How much is a Flitch?

Typically, the flitch beam is made up of a vertical steel plate sandwiched between two wood beams, the three layers being held together with bolts….History.

Beam Material Size Cost
Iron Two 12” girders $83.32
Flitch-plate 12” x 14” $70.70

What does filch mean in slang?

to steal
filch \FILCH\ verb. : to steal secretly or casually.

What is another word for extremely bad?

What is another word for extremely bad?

the pits worst
abysmal appalling
awful deplorable
dreadful lousy
terrible unspeakable