How old is the Story Bridge Brisbane?

How old is the Story Bridge Brisbane?

81c. 1940
Story Bridge/Age

How many people died making Story Bridge?

Three men died during the construction of the bridge.

Why was the Storey bridge built?

The Story Bridge – built as part of the State Government’s response to the Great Depression – remains one of Queensland’s most iconic landmarks. Ground was broken for the project in 1935, and the cantilever bridge was officially opened on 6 July 1940 by Governor Sir Leslie Orme Wilson.

How many people built the Story Bridge?

Seven years later, the State Government sold the Story Bridge to the Brisbane City Council for £750,000. During construction, one hundred and ninety-eight (198) men were employed at the metal works, one hundred and seventy-six (176) at the construction site as well as sixty (60) designers, engineers, and surveyors.

How long is Story Bridge?

Story Bridge/Total length

When was the Brisbane Story Bridge built?

May 24, 1935
Story Bridge/Construction started

How many rivets are in the Story Bridge?

1.25 million rivets
How many rivets are on the bridge? There are 1.25 million rivets on the bridge! For those that are curious, rivets are the small metal bolts used to hold together pieces of metal.

When was story bridge built?

Can you walk across Story Bridge?

Story Bridge has many faces Like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can drive across it, walk across it, and even go up onto the spans via a guided bridge climb. The walkway across the bridge is on the western side, which allows for unparalleled views of the Brisbane River and CBD.

Who constructed Story Bridge?

The 281 metre cantilever bridge was built between1935 – 1940, constructed by Evans Deakin – Hornibrook Pty. Ltd. The premises of Evans Anderson Phelan Pty.

How far above the water is the Story Bridge?

Story Bridge/Clearance below

How long does it take to climb Story Bridge?

2 Hours
Climb and Abseil Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)

When did the story bridge open in Brisbane?

The first vehicle crossed over Brisbane’s Story bridge in 1940 and now a descendant of one of its builders has celebrated the occasion by climbing the iconic bridge at sunrise to look back at its amazing history. The bridge officially opened on July 9, 1940 to a crowd of 37,000 people.

When was the cantilever bridge in Queensland built?

The construction of the cantilever bridge began in 1935 and was completed and opened to traffic in July 1940. The length of bridge including the approaches is 1375 m.

Who was responsible for the construction of the Brisbane Bridge?

The Queensland Government appointed John Bradfield on 15 December 1933 as consulting engineer to the Bureau of Industry who were in charge of the construction of the bridge. In June 1934 Bradfield’s recommendation of a steel cantilever bridge was approved.

What was the length of the Sydney Bridge?

The length of bridge including the approaches is 1375 m. More than 95% of the steel was manufactured in Australia and the bridge was constructed by Evans, Deakin-Hornibrook Construction Co. Pty Ltd. SLQ collection contains hundreds of this iconic bridge, from its construction forwards. Here’s a sample –