How old is Rebecca Pearson supposed to be on this is us?

How old is Rebecca Pearson supposed to be on this is us?

Rebecca’s Age: In an interview with E! Online, makeup artist Zoë Hay said Moore’s old-age makeup is meant to represent Rebecca “in her mid-60s.” If we put her right at 65, that means Rebecca’s around 29 or 30 when the kids come into the picture.

Are Miguel and Rebecca divorced?

Miguel gets a divorce. The news from Miguel (Jon Huertas) throws both Jack and Rebecca into a bit of a spiral. Okay, it’s mostly just Jack, who realizes he and Rebecca have been getting complacent and he needs to fight for his marriage before he loses it.

Does Kevin marry Madison?

This Is Us ended its fifth season with some big twists, particularly for Justin Hartley’s Kevin Pearson who didn’t end up marrying baby mama Madison (Caitlin Thompson). Instead, the pair went their separate ways, deciding they both deserved a deeper love than what they had with each other.

Does Kate cheat on Toby?

She added that she was told Kate did not cheat on Toby with Phillip and assured fans that coparenting is “definitely going to happen” after their split.

Are Jack and Rebecca the same age?

Rebecca Pearson’s children are 36 when the show begins in season 1. We see Kevin, Kate, and Randall celebrating their 36th birthday—which is the age that Jack was when the triplets were born. People forget that she is just 35 years-old because she portrays the mannerisms of older Rebecca so incredibly well.

Who does Kevin have a baby with in This Is Us?

Though some fans were hoping that Sophie would somehow be the mother of Kevin’s baby, the timeline of the flash-forward has always made the most sense with Madison. After all, Kevin explains that he has a pregnant fiancée during the Big Three’s 40th birthday celebration.

Does Nicky marry Rebecca in This Is Us?

Not only was Nicky married, but he was also the one watching over Rebecca in her sickbed. That said, This Is Us Season 5 presented Nicky with a different love interest. In episode 11, fans were introduced to young Nicky’s (Michael Angarano) first love, Sally (Genevieve Angelson).

Who is Nicky at the end of This Is Us?

Griffin Dunne
In true This Is Us fashion, the season 5 finale left us with a huge cliffhanger. No, we’re not talking about the flash-forward with Kate (Chrissy Metz) in a wedding dress (RIP Katoby). We’re talking about another wedding: that of season 5 favorite, Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne).

Who does Nicky marry on this is us?

The final option is that Nicky married Cassidy (guest star Jennifer Morrison). While there’s a significant age difference between the two, aside from Kevin, Cassidy is the only other person that Nicky is close to.

Do Beth and Randall get divorced?

Things got so rough that fans were legitimately scared that Randall and Beth, who have repeatedly redefined the term “relationship goals,” could be headed for a split. Thankfully, though, a Brandall divorce was not among the things that made us cry during the show’s season 3 finale back in April.

Does Nicky marry Rebecca in this is us?