How old is peg in small steps?

How old is peg in small steps?

From School Library Journal. Gr 5-8-Twelve-year-old Peg contracts polio in 1949, but she survives the initial paralysis and eventually learns to walk again. Her engaging account will fascinate readers as she relates the symptoms, treatments, and effects of the disease.

What is the main plot of small steps by Peg Kehret?

“Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio” by Peg Kehret is an interesting autobiography that gives insight to what people with Polio experienced. The main character, Peg, faints one day during school and has a high temperature so she is taken to the hospital. There she is diagnosed with Polio.

Where does Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio take place?

Settings. The story takes place in Peg’s school, Peg’s house, at the Sheltering Arms, and at the University Hospital beginning in 1949.

How long was peg in the hospital?


Question Answer
How many days had passed from when Peg was diagnosed with polio until she was being transferred to University Hospital because she was having difficultly breathing? 3 days
What bit Peg when she was being put in the ambulance? Where? a mosquito bit her on the cheek

What types of polio did Peg have?


Question Answer
How many types of polio are there and how many did Peg have? three, she had all of them
What are the three types of polio? • Spinal polio • Respiratory polio • Bulbar polio
What are the two other names for “polio”? poliomyelitis (official medical name) and infantile paralysis

When was small steps written?

Small Steps (novel)

US first edition cover
Author Louis Sachar
Publisher Delacorte Press (US) Bloomsbury (UK) Doubleday Canada (CAN)
Publication date January 10, 2006
Pages 257

What grade was peg in when she got polio?

7th grade of
Thats how Peg Kehret felt when she was in 7th grade of 1949 only twelve years old and not with one kind of polio but three.

What was Peg Kehrets first book?

Before Peg began writing books for children, she wrote radio commercials, plays, and magazine stories. She also published two nonfiction adult books. Her first book for kids (Winning Monologs for Young Actors) was published in 1985. Since then she has published many popular books for young people.

What was the book Small Steps by Peg Kehret about?

The book small steps is about a teen girl named peg that just discovered she has polio, Her parents rushed her to the hospital to see if she could overcome this terrible disease. Peg battles going from highs to lows with polio, meting people through her journey of polio in and out of hospital rooms.

How old was Peg Kehret when she got polio?

In 1949, when Peg Kehret was twelve, she was the only one in her town to contract polio. She contracted three different strains of the polio virus. This was a memorable and wonderful read that would appeal to both children and adults.

What kind of writing style does Peg Kehret use?

The author’s writing style is smooth, crisp, and vivid, and it draws me into the story, and her bright personality, wit, and sense of humor shine throughout the book.