How old is Natalie in The Tulip Touch?

How old is Natalie in The Tulip Touch?

It is narrated by Natalie who first meets Tulip at the age of 10 and is drawn in by her straight away.

What is the tulip touch based on?

The Tulip Touch is a children’s novel written by Anne Fine and published in 1996. The book raises questions of morality and accountability, as well as exploring the question of nature versus nurture….The Tulip Touch.

First edition (UK)
Author Anne Fine
Publisher Hamish Hamilton

Is there a tulip touch movie?

The Tulip Touch is an upcoming film based on the 1996 book of the same name by Anne Fine. Coming soon in 2020’s.

Where does Tulip Touch take place in?

Even though Tulip tries to hide the abuse she suffers from her own father, her anger and humiliation reverberate during the years she is best friends with Natalie, who narrates this exceptionally insightful tale set in Fine’s (Alias Madame Doubtfire; Flour Babies) native Britain.

What genre is Tulip Touch?

Children’s literature
The Tulip Touch/Genres

What is tulips scientific name?

Tulip/Scientific names

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Who is Tulip in the book The Tulip Touch?

Upon moving to a hotel in a new area Natalie meets Tulip, a mysterious, remote girl who initially creates great intrigue, soon leading to dark, frightening behaviour. Natalie finds herself following Tulip’s lead despite her own misgivings, partaking in acts which isolate her from the rest of her peers.

What happens in the Tulip Touch by Anne Fine?

Way too far… Tulip becomes even more destructive and after a row with Natalie she commits a terrible crime. This is a compelling story in which Anne Fine explores the dark side of a friendship bordering on obsession, and sensitively depicts one girl’s gradual decline into hostility and violence.

Why did tulip burn down the palace in Emmerdale?

Meanwhile, Tulip’s behaviour has grown more violent, stabbing bus seats and burning litter bins. When Tulip is not invited to the big Christmas party at The Palace, Tulip burns down the hotel, endangering Natalie’s family and their guests.