How old is Lily Brett?

75 years (September 5, 1946)
Lily Brett/Age

What do you know about friends Lily Brett?

Lily Brett is a German-born Australian writer who lives in New York City. Her incredible life story started in a displaced persons camp in Germany as the daughter of Auschwitz survivors.

How many children does Lily Brett have?

Lily Brett

Lily Brett OAM
Years active 1966–present
Spouses Rob Lovett ​ ​ ( m. 1968; div. 1979)​ David Rankin ​ ( m. 1981)​
Children 3

Where did Lily Brett live most of her life?

Lily Brett OAM (born Lilijahne Brajtsztajn 5 September 1946, Feldafing displaced persons camp, Bavaria) is an Australian novelist, essayist and poet. She lived in North Carlton and then Elwood/Caulfield (suburbs of Melbourne) from 1948 to 1968, in London 1968–1971, Melbourne (1971–1989) and then moved permanently to New York City.

When did Lily Brett publish her first poem?

Brett published her first collection of poetry, The Auschwitz Poems, in 1986, which was illustrated by Rankin’s drawings. Winning many awards, The Auschwitz Poems was awarded the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards: C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry in 1987.

Who was Lily Brett’s partner in the Virgil Brothers?

While working for Go-Set, early in 1968, Brett became a band manager for a newly formed male soul vocal trio, the Virgil Brothers, modelled on the Walker Brothers. The original line-up was her then-partner Lovett, Mick Hadley (ex- Purple Hearts) and Malcolm McGee (ex- Python Lee Jackson ).

What are the names of Lily Brett’s books?

Fiction 1 “Luba” (short story, 28 December 1988) 2 Things Could Be Worse (1990) 3 What God Wants (1992) 4 Just Like That (1994) 5 Collected Stories (1999) 6 Too Many Men (2001) 7 You Gotta Have Balls (2005) 8 Lola Bensky (2013)