How old is Joel in the Bronze Bow?

How old is Joel in the Bronze Bow?

Joel from the start of this excellent novel is paired up with Daniel. They are both eighteen years old and appear together in the first chapter.

What are the character traits of Daniel in the Bronze Bow?

Some of Daniel’s most important characteristics are his passion, loyalty, resourcefulness, and determination. The passion and loyalty go hand in hand as he mourns the death of his father, mother, and uncle.

What does Joel do in the Bronze Bow?

When Rosh finally gives Joel a job to help fight the Romans, Joel doesn’t hesitate. He figures out a way to gather the information that Rosh needs. Even though he’s rich, Joel dresses as a servant to sell fish and gather information.

What happened to Joel in the Bronze Bow?

Over time, he becomes a shrewd spy for Rosh in the city of Capernaum. When he gets caught by the Romans and sentenced to labor in the galleys, Daniel’s band of rebel fighters saves his life. Soon after, Joel decides he can better serve God’s kingdom by studying to become a rabbi in Jerusalem.

Why does Joel want to fight the Romans?

We need to know our enemies as well as our friends.” In Joel’s mind, they are gathering information so that when they rise up against the Romans, they know who they can trust among the wealthier and more influential villagers. This would allow them to quell internal dissent and present a strong face.

Does Daniel like Thacia in The Bronze Bow?

Thacia Loves Daniel Throughout the story, you can tell that Daniel and Thacia have special feelings for each other. Daniel is afraid to let them show: he’s a poor blacksmith, and Thacia is a rich girl. When Thacia finds him, Daniel expresses his love. It’s obvious from her response that she cares for him very much.

Which of the boys is killed as they fight the Roman soldiers The Bronze Bow?

Lesson Summary Daniel and the band attack the Roman soldiers so they can save Joel. Samson pushes a large rock onto the soldiers, and Daniel uses his chisel to break Joel’s chains. Samson ultimately breaks the chains with his hands, but is badly injured and taken by the Romans; Joel is fine, but Nathan was killed.

Who are Joel and Daniel in the Bronze Bow?

Joel was also teased by the other boys because his twin sister, Malthace, called Thacia, always waited for him after school. When Daniel learns that Joel also hates the Romans, Daniel and Joel become friends. They are both Jewish, living in a land that is under the control of Roman soldiers.

Who are the main characters in the Bronze Bow?

Joel dresses as a servant and sells fish in the market to gather information for Rosh, but he’s caught by the Romans. Malthace, called Thacia, is Joel’s twin sister. She’s a beautiful, rich Jewish girl who’s in love with Daniel. She’s smart; Thacia thinks of using the bronze bow as the symbol of their quest.

Why was Joel bar Hezron teased in the Bronze Bow?

At the beginning of The Bronze Bow, Daniel bar Jamin doesn’t really like Joel bar Hezron very much. He thinks of Joel as ”the scribe’s son, the one the rabbi held up for an example.” Joel was also teased by the other boys because his twin sister, Malthace, called Thacia, always waited for him after school.

How old is Leah in the Bronze Bow?

Leah is Daniel`s sister, Malthace`s friend. She is said to be possessed with demons and is frightened easily. She does not like people, but adores Daniel and Malthace. 15 years old.