How much gas do I need for 700 miles?

How much gas do I need for 700 miles?

How much gas will I need to drive 700 miles?

MPG $2 per gallon $4 per gallon
1 MPG $1,400.00 $2,800.00
2 MPG $700.00 $1,400.00
3 MPG $466.67 $933.33
4 MPG $350.00 $700.00

What is considered a good gas mileage?

A normal petrol engine just has trusty old gasoline and no fancy electric motors. While the Prius gets around 60 mpg, something that gets at least 30 mpg might classify as good. Here are some cars that get at least 30 mpg from the last few years: 2014 BMW 328i (35 mpg highway, $21,000)

How much gas will I use on my road trip?

Take the mileage of the total distance of your trip and divide it by your miles per gallon to get the number of gallons of gas you will need on your trip. Then multiply that figure by the current price of gas, and the result is the estimated cost of gas for your road trip.

How do you calculate gas?

Calculate the overall gas cost of your trip First, divide the distance of the route by your miles per gallon figure to find out how many gallons of gas you will need. After that, multiply the number of gallons by the price of gas to calculate the gas cost for your journey.

How to calculate gas mileage for a trip?

Calculate gas mileage using trip distance: enter total distance and the amount of fuel used for the trip. Enter the cost per mile or kilometer. This might be the cost of a rental or the amount you can deduct on taxes. The calculator will calculate your trip cost based on your total distance.

How to calculate miles per gallon or kilometers per liter?

How to Calculate Miles per Gallon or Kilometers per Liter 1 Fill up your tank with fuel before you start a long trip or the block of time you want to track. 2 Record the trip starting odometer reading at the time you fill up. 3 At the end of your trip or week, fill up your tank again.

How to calculate how much gas I will use?

1 Determine the distance you are about to travel. Let’s say 295 km. 2 Find out what’s your fuel economy. Let’s use 8 l/100km. 3 To work out how much fuel you will use in total, divide your distance by 100 (because we are looking at the fuel use every 100 km), so: 295 /

What does imp stand for in gas mileage?

Equivalent fuel economy/efficiency ratings are converted and shown for all units, mpg US, mpg Imp, km/l and l/100km. mpg = miles per gallon mpg US = miles per United States gallon mpg Imp = miles per Imperial gallon