How much does building a mall cost?

How much does building a mall cost?

The national cost average is $50M to $250M with most people paying around $180M for a two-story regional mall containing 3 anchor stores….Shopping Mall Costs.

Shopping Mall Building Prices
National average cost $180M
Average range $50M-$250M
Minimum cost $1.75M
Maximum cost $450M

How much does it cost to build a strip mall?

If you’re looking to build a strip mall, high costs average $245–$294 per square foot. Building a regional mall averages $439 on the top end and $366 at the average bottom price per square foot.

What is the average size of a shopping mall?

According to JLL, the average size of a superior grade mall is 400,000 sq ft, whereas the normal size of average grade and poor grade malls are 190,000 sq ft and 150,000 sq ft, respectively.

What is the cost of LuLu Mall?

The estimated cost for this project is more than ₹16 billion or US$250 million. The property is owned and managed by Yusuff Ali M.A. Chairman and Managing Director of Lulu Group International. LuLu Mall in Kochi was their maiden retail venture in India.

How much did it cost to build Menlyn mall?

The R2,5-billion, two-year phased refurbishment has converted the site to become the regional shopping centre in Tshwane.

Do malls make money?

All of these properties post average sales of about $420 per square foot, and the average occupancy rate is 92 percent. That earns an A- grade. The 10 malls at the top of the list perform much better, with sales well above $600 per square foot and occupancy rates of 94 percent or higher. (99 percent; $810*).

How much do Malls earn?

Each mall typically generates about Rs 1.2 crore to Rs 1.4 crore a year from parking services, says Paramjeet Singh, operations manager for Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) of InterPark ICS.

How much does it cost to build a shopping mall?

Typically, a minimum-cost small strip mall might cost about $250/square foot to build. There are a series of steps you will need to build a shopping mall, including the following items. 1. Site Selection You must choose the land upon which you’ll construct your mall.

How big is the average mall in the United States?

In the United States, the average mall will be sized at approximately 56,212 square feet and will have two-floors, four “anchor” stores, and a length roughly four times greater than its depth. According to Hawkins Research, Inc., most mall projects use materials and techniques…

How much does it cost to rent space in a mall?

Mall Rent Rates The cost to rent a space in a mall varies depending on your location, whether you are renting a normal storefront or an anchor, and the mall type. Rates are usually charged by the square foot and range from $5 a square foot in a strip mall to $40 a square foot in a high-end mall. Enhancements and Improvement Costs

What do you need to build a shopping center?

The building of a shopping mall requires an architect or an architectural firm, a team of subcontractors, a knowledgeable contractor, and a cooperative developer/owner to get the job done in a reasonable time frame.