How much do storage sheds cost?

How much do storage sheds cost?

Average Shed Price

Average Cost $2,750
High Cost $4,000
Low Cost $1,500

How much does a 12×16 shed cost?

The average 12×16 storage shed will cost about $6,327. The biggest thing that affects price is the style of storage shed you choose.

How much would it cost to build a 12×12 shed?

Cost Estimator by Size

8×10 (80 sq. ft) $1,600 to $14,000
10×10 (100 sq. ft) $2,000 to $17,500
10×12 (120 sq. ft) $2,400 to $21,000
12×12 (144 sq. ft) $2,880 to $25,200

How much does an 8×12 shed cost?

Shed Cost by Size

Shed Size Average Cost (Labor Included)
8′ x 12′ shed (96 sq.ft.) $4,800
10′ x 8′ shed (80 sq.ft.) $4,000
10′ x 10′ shed (100 sq.ft.) $5,000
10′ x 12′ shed (120 sq.ft.) $6,000

What is the average shed size?

Generally speaking, a 12-foot-by-12-foot shed will suit a large yard, while an 8-foot-by-10-foot one is better for a medium-size yard.

What is a good size for a storage shed?

Generally speaking, a 12′ x 12′ shed size will greatly suit a large yard, while 8′ x 10′ shed dimensions might be a better fit for a medium-sized yard. In selecting a size, you must think beyond the building itself. Remember the foundation should be at least one foot larger than the shed on all sizes.

What is a good size backyard shed?

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