How many subjects are there in BBA 1st year?

How many subjects are there in BBA 1st year?

BBA 1st semester syllabus in bcrec includes 6 subjects listed below: English – I. Mathematics- I. Statistics- I.

What are the subjects in BBA 1st semester?

BBA Course Syllabus

Semester I Semester II
Microeconomics Quantitative Techniques – II
Principles of Management Effective Communications
India Socio-Political Economics Cost Accounting
Quantitative techniques – I Environmental Management

How many subjects are compulsory for BBA?

For first semester in BBA you have almost five subjects with internal and external exams and every subject is compulsory and it depends on your university how much it is allowed to carry in the next year . As you haven’t mentioned your university but generally it’s maximum three kt from both semester.

Which subjects are required for BBA?

The BBA syllabus consists of a diverse range of subjects like Business Communication, Business Mathematics, Fundamentals of Accounting, Management Information Systems (MIS), Organisational Behaviour, Managerial Economics and so on.

How many years course is BBA?

three years
BBA is a three years degree course. Its an undergraduate course that helps develop entrepreneurship skills of the candidates.

Are accounts compulsory in BBA?

BBA can be done by any student. You don’t need to have Accountancy background but you must atleast know basic accountancy. It is compulsory because students whoever want to join BBA without accountancy background have to write entrance exam on accountancy.

Can I do BBA without accounts?

In BBA in the first semester, two subjects will be there economics and accounts. After that, there will be no more subjects like economics and accounts throughout 3-years in BBA. The two subjects are also very easy if you study them. BBA is the best choice, go for it.

Is accountancy in BBA tough?

BBA syllabus includes compulsory papers on Accountancy ( Financial Accountancy and Cost Accountancy ). Subjects are not tough. BBA syllabus includes compulsory papers on Accountancy ( Financial Accountancy and Cost Accountancy ). Subjects are not tough.

What are the subjects for the first year of BBA?

BBA Subjects List 1 Mathematics for Business 2 Business Analytics 3 Business Economics 4 Financial Management 5 Accounting 6 Essentials of Marketing 7 Business Organisation and Principles of Management 8 Business Law 9 Human Resource Management 10 Organisational Behaviour

How many years are there in a BBA course?

BBA is a 3–4 year undergraduate course. BBA is often referred as BBA (General) or BBA pass course. It is General in the sense that it is not a Subject Specific course but one can choose several combinations of subjects apart from 1–2 compulsory subjects.

Which is one of the subjects of BBA LLB?

BBA subjects 1 st Year consists of Microeconomics, Quantitative Techniques – II, Environmental Management, India Socio-Political Economics etc BBA LLB is a 5 year long integrated dual degree course that provides an integrated study of management studies and legislative law in an independent manner.

Are there any free PDF books for BBA?

If you are a BBA student and are looking for BBA books & notes for free in pdf, then you are at the right place. The complete syllabus of BBA & list of subjects as proposed by UGC,