How many levels does cheer have?

How many levels does cheer have?

There will be four possible levels: Level 1.1 – Stunting at level 1, tumbling at level 1. Level 2.1 – Stunting at level 2, tumbling at level 1. Level 3.1 – Stunting at level 3, tumbling at level 1.

What level is a full up in cheer?

level 3- requirements are, Tumbling: Round-off back tuck, standing 2 or more back handsprings Stunting: extended one leg ( including all of your flexibility), tick-tocks from the chin level, all the way up to your arms locked out above your head, a hand to hand connected front flip, a full up, a twist down cradle, and …

What is a Level 3 cheerleader?

LEVEL 3 SKILLS Basic Level 3 Tumbling Skills. Standing Three Back Handsprings. Round Off Back Handspring Back Tuck. Toe Touch Back Handspring. Skills must be performed consistently during moderate to high endurance training and to counts.

What do the levels mean in cheerleading?

Cheerleading levels are divided up based on two general criteria: tumbling skills and stunting skills. (Level 2 includes all level 1 skills plus additional, more difficult skills, and so on for each level.) Every level has a list of level appropriate skills as well as elite skills.

What is level 2.2 in cheer?

1.1 (level 1 stunting and level 1 tumbling: back walkovers/front walkovers) 2.1 (level 2 stunning and level 1 tumbling: back walkovers/front walkovers) 2.2 (level 2 stunting and level 2 tumbling: back handsprings) 3.1 (level 3 stunting and level 1 tumbling: back walkovers/front walkovers) 3.2 (level 3 stunting and …

Is there a level 7 in cheerleading?

Teams compete on different levels that allow different skills. Level 7 is the highest level in cheerleading, where the most skills are allowed.

What is Level 4 Cheer?

Level 4: Double Trouble Twisting of 1 ½ twists to prep and a full twist to an extension are allowed here as well. We will also see double twisting cradles from two-legged stunts and single twisting cradles from one-legged stunts.

What is the highest level of tumbling?

Tumble Level 5 Tumble 5 is the most advanced tumbling class where students must have a proper Full Twisting Layout.

What is Level 3 tumbling for cheer?

Level 3

  • Standing Back Handspring Series.
  • Jump Back handspring.
  • Aerial.
  • Punch Front.
  • Round Off Tuck.

Can you have more than 2 cheer teams at the summit?

Athletes will not be allowed to compete on more than 2 cheer teams at The Summit. Athletes can only cross up or down one level at The Summit (EX: Level 2 athlete may only crossover to a Level 1 or Level 3 team). All Level 4.2 athletes may only crossover to levels 2, 3 or 4. Athletes can only cross up or down a level at The Summit.

How are the age groups announced in cheerleading?

A team will be announced as the age group, the level they are on, and the gym that they are from at competitions. Boys can compete and if there are boys on your team it will be announced as, for example: Senior, co-ed level 3, KC Cats!

What does the number mean on a cheerleader level?

The level is a bit more straightforward. The number indicates what your athlete is legally allowed to perform on the competition floor. Now, this does NOT mean that they are incapable of throwing higher skills, and it also doesn’t mean that they have every skill required for that level.

What are the requirements for cheerleading Level 2?

level 2- requirements are, Tumbling: Round-off back handspring, standing back handspring Stunting: a cupie, a prep level one leg (including all of your flexibility), and tick-tocks at the chin level, a cradle, and a straight ride toss.